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Travel Planning Tips for Visiting Colorado.

6 Beautiful Day Trips from Denver Colorado

Denver is the perfect place for exploring Colorado’s North West. If you have a few extra days to spend in the Denver area, you can easily take a few beautiful day trips for exploring the gorgeous mountains surrounding Colorado’s capital. Come along with me as we take six beautiful day trips from Denver, Colorado.

Pagosa Springs Photos

Pagosa Springs, Colorado - Mountainlion thumbnail. My good friend Jason visited Pagosa Springs, Colorado earlier this year. He took his family on a nature trip and he was very kind to allow me to post some of his great pictures on my site. I have not visited Pagosa Springs, but based on the pictures it looks like a great place to visit with your family…well if you live nearby. There is a small zoo that features a bear, a wolf, a mountain lion and other animals…caged of course. You can take a small steam train that will give you great views of the valley and forest. Well, take a look at the pictures and see for yourself.