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Travel Potos from Scottsdale Az

Scottsdale, Arizona - Curved cacti in the desert. Here’s another travel gallery from my brother. I have gotten used with his great pictures and I can’s wait to see them every time he comes back from vacation. This time they went to Scottsdale, Arizona. He didn’t give me any city pictures but he gave me some great nature pictures. Check out my brother’s nature pictures from Scottsdale Arizona. I love desert pictures and my brother is very patient with the camera and plans each picture very well. You can clearly see the results.

Is the Grand Canyon Overrated?

Grand National Park, Arizona - Sunset ThumbnailWhen we planned to visit the Grand Canyon this past spring, one question kept coming up: Is the Grand Canyon overrated? Everyone wants to visit it, but what if it’s just one big hype and nothing more? Sure, the pictures looked nice, some reviews were great, but what is there to see anyway…just some rocks? Well, I was about to find out why The Grand Canyon National Park is so grand!

Grand Canyon South Rim Photos

Grand Canyon National Park - ThumbnailWe visited Grand Canyon National Park as part of our Las Vegas trip. Actually, this was the last part of our trip. After a stop at Hoover Dam we kept on going through the desert all the way to Williams Arizona. After spending the night there, we visited the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I struggled with taking pictures and not being able to capture the vastness of the Grand Canyon. I found it very difficult to be purposeful in taking great pictures. One has to go visit and enjoy the view…the entire view. See more pictures from Grand Canyon National Park.

Best way to plan your Hoover Dam visit

Hoover Dam, Nevada - Thumbnail.When we visited Las Vegas, we decided to drive all the way to the Grand Canyon. On the way to the Grand Canyon we have stopped at Hoover Dam…of course we did! It’s was right on our way from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. This was a good opportunity to stretch our legs a little and see some breathtaking views of the Colorado River and of the Hoover Dam.