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6 Best Things to Do in San Luis Obispo

Best things to do in San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo is old California. Filled with history and very close to amazing California beaches and coastline, San Luis Obispo (SLO) is a one of the best destinations on the California Central Coast. Southern California locals prefer driving to SLO instead of driving South to Los Angeles and San Diego. The San Luis Obispo area boasts very little traffic, smaller towns, wineries and a large university. This combination makes San Luis Obispo an ideal location for exploring all this richness in a relaxed way. Come along with me as we explore the best things to do in San Luis Obispo.

4 Beautiful Things to See in San Juan Capistrano (with Map)

Charming things to see in San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano is a beautiful town located in Orange County along the Orange Coast. It was founded by the Spanish in 1776, and houses a Mission started by Father Junipero Serra. The 1812 Capistrano earthquake caused extensive damage to the Mission and the community went into decline. San Juan was a rural town until after the 20th century, when the Mission was restored in 1910-20s, and it transformed the town into a tourist destination, and was also used as a backdrop for Hollywood films. This town is rich with history, and provides the visitor with wonderful restaurants, gardens, shopping, and historical buildings in which to explore with wonderful architecture which tell a story of times passed. Let’s explore together my favorite things to see in San Juan Capistrano.

5 Beautiful & Historical Things to Do at Pearl Harbor (with Map)

Beautiful things to do at Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, is a touchingly beautiful place to visit. The attack of the Japanese on the United States military base at this location sparked America’s involvement in WWII. Since the attack was so unexpected, many lives were lost, and Pearl Harbor is itself a tribute to the brave soldiers who fought there. Let’s explore together my favorite things to do at Pearl Harbor.

4 Gorgeous Hawaii Botanical Gardens on Oahu (with map)

Beautiful botanical gardens on Oahu

Oahu, Hawaii’s third largest island and home to the capital city of Honolulu, is a stunning destination teeming with unique flora and fauna. Hawaii’s botanical gardens on Oahu provide a feast for the senses – you’ll be drinking in the views and aromas of some of the rarest, most spectacular plants in the world! Oahu has the most vegetation of any of the Hawaiian Islands, claiming over 130,000 acres of forested land.

7 Beautiful Things To Do In La Jolla (with Map)

Kayakers exploring the rugged cliffs at La Jolla California

La Jolla is a quintessential beach town nestled on the San Diego coast. La Jolla has become famous for its dramatic and picturesque coast as well as the many sea animals and birds that roam around the rigged cliffs. A favorite for locals and tourists alike, La Jolla is definitely a family destination, having lots of things to do for small kids and teenagers alike. So, come along with me as we explore the coolest things to do in La Jolla California.

Discover 5 Charming Things to Do On Coronado Island (with Map)

View of San Diego skyline from the Coronado Bridge

Coronado was incorporated as a city in 1890. Being an island, separated from the San Diego metropolis, Coronado is a small beach community that maintains its island feel. By 1888, when Hotel Del Coronado was built the city had become a major tourist destination. Coronado welcomes visitors from all over the world and is surrounded by the San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean, with gorgeous views all the way around. So, come along with me as we explore my favorite things to do on Coronado Island.

20 Best Restaurants in Santa Barbara

My favorite list of best restaurants in Santa Barbara

Early visitors to Santa Barbara called the city the American Riviera due to its similarities to the French Riviera, the region of southeast France on the Mediterranean coastline. One similarity shared by both the French Riviera and Santa Barbara is great food. Like the French Riviera, Santa Barbara has so many restaurants that it is hard to try all of them in order to compile a list of the best restaurants in Santa Barbara.

12 Best Restaurants in San Clemente

Best restaurants in San Clemente California
When it comes to picking the best restaurants in San Clemente, the task is very difficult. Being a popular Southern California beach town, San Clemente has many restaurants that cater to so many different tastes and budgets. However, let’s try exploring some of the best restaurants in San Clemente.

10 Best Things To Do in San Diego With Kids (with map)

San Diego Zoo is one of the best things to do in San Diego with kidsSan Diego is an amazing place to visit. It provides the iconic California feeling of sun, the ocean and simple energy. When it comes to finding fun things to do in San Diego with kids, there are simply too many to list in an article. From my many trips to the San Diego area I have gathered my favorite things to do in San Diego with kids, from seeing sea lions at La Jolla, to theme parks and simply hanging out at the beach. So come along with me as we explore San Diego for families.

8 Best Things to Do in Bishop California (with maps)

Hiking Piute Pass is one of the best things to do in Bishop CaliforniaBishop California sits at the bottom of the Sierra mountain range and provides easy access to beautiful lakes and gorgeous hiking. In addition Bishop can serve as a great nașe for exploring the area by taking a few beautiful day trips South and North. Read more as we explore my favorite things to do in Bishop California.