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10 Beautiful Day Trips from Geneva

Perouges, France is my favorite day trip from Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland is a great city to visit. There are many things to see in Geneva, but sometimes people are fortunate to be able to spend more time in Geneva and would like to see some other places around the city. I was able to visit Geneva several times and I learned about a few beautiful places right around Geneva. Each is within easy driving distance and makes for a great day trip.

Swiss Alps from Airplane

The Swiss Alps are amazing mountains. Switzerland is always connected with the Swiss Alps in my mind and I have always loved to see pictures of this amazing mountain range in Europe. Since I only been able to see the Swiss Alps from a distance, I have been looking for some great pictures of them. It happened that my cousin, who lives in Switzerland, got an amazing chance to take a flying tour of the Southern Part of the Swiss Alps. Read along and find out about his experience.

A Charming Walking Tour of Old Town Geneva Switzerland (with Map)

Geneva, Switzerland - City PanoramaI visited Geneva on four different occasions and on almost every visit it happened that I was coming to Geneva from France. What an interesting feeling that was every time I arrived in Geneva. It definitely felt like I was in a completely different country, even though everyone was speaking French in Geneva, Switzerland never felt like France. From the way people wait at the street lights to cross the street to the way people are driving, Geneva feels completely different that any city I visited in France. Traffic, even though very heavy in Geneva, is a lot more ordered, streets are cleaner and even cars are spotless in Geneva.

6 Best Things to Do in Gruyeres (with map)

Gruyeres, SwitzerlandGruyeres is a small mountain village in the Gruyere region of Switzerland. It is famous for cheese and the Gruyeres sour cream. The cheese is great indeed while the sour cream was very thick. Most of all we were not impressed with the prices…but we got used to it in Switzerland…it’s just an expensive country. So join me as we explore the best things to do in Gruyeres Switzerland.

2 Charming Things to Do in Montreux

While I was in Montreux, Switzerland and waiting for some tea to brew…a storm was brewing over Lake Geneva. In a matter of minutes the clouds came over the mountains and engulfed the sun and turned a sunny and peaceful sky into a threatening scene. I was very impressed by the power of nature on display over this lake. So let’s explore together my favorite things to do in Montreux.