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4 Beautiful Day Trips from Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium is not on my list of favorite destinations in Europe…not even close. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to see around Brussels. On the contrary, we have found four beautiful places to visit within one to two hours drive from the Belgian capital. Whether you decide to make it a day trip or spend more days, every one of these four places will delight your eyes and senses. Read on about four beautiful day trips from Brussels, Belgium.

A Renaissance walking tour of Veurne, Belgium (with Map)

We stopped in Veurne, Belgium on our way back to London from Bruxelles. When we came from London to Bruxelles, I did notice the old church steeples from the freeway and thought that it would be a nice stop on the way back. So, that’s what we did on the way back to London. It ended up being a great place to stop and allow the kids to run around a little bit. We spent about four hours walking between the old building and visiting the old churches in the old center of Veurne. Read on to find out why we liked visiting Veurne, Belgium.

Day trip from Brussels to Huizingen Domein

We visited Huizingen Domein on a beautiful, sunny spring day. We were in Bruxelles for a long weekend and because we don’t like the city very much, we decided to head out. That was a great decision! The entrance to the park was a little difficult to find because our GPS was a little confused. However, once we paid the admission fee and got inside we really enjoyed the place. The great mix between historical buildings, beautifully groomed grounds and lots of activities, made our visit to Huizingen be something we remember. Come along with us on a daytrip from Brussels to Huizingen Domain.

Day Trip from Brussels to Waterloo

Waterloo, Belgium is one of those places that are immediately recognized by simply mentioning the name. If you have finished a high school anywhere in the world, you should have at least heard about Waterloo. This small place in the Belgian countryside has shaped Europe as we know it today. Especially if you like history, you will like visiting Waterloo, Belgium.

3 Must Do Things in Brussels for First Timers

European Parliament building in Brussels BelgiumWhat can I say about Brussels or also called Bruxelles? We visited Brussels after visiting Paris and there is simply no comparison. But that’s to be expected right? I don’t know of many cities that can be compared with Paris in terms of tourist attractions. Well, Brussels is on the other side of the spectrum when compared to Paris…it lacks tourist attractions. It’s true that you have what to see in a couple of days but if you’re trying to stay more than two days in Brussels as a tourist you’ll probably be very bored. Read on to find out my favorite must do things in Brussels, especially for first timers.

Free Walking Tour of Bruges, Belgium (with map)

Bruges, BelgiumBruges was a great travel experience for us, especially after coming from busy Bruxelles. Bruges old town was very quiet despite tons of tourists. We had so many things to see in Bruges that we could hardly cover the city’s main tourist attractions in only one day. Even though we were tired at the end of the day, visiting Bruges was a delight for our eyes, ears and feet.

7 Famous Arches of Triumph Across Europe

Arches of triumph or triumphal arches are scattered all over Europe. They represent and important visual cue about a country’s military history. Triumphal arches serve as a central point for military parades on national day celebrations. Arches of triumph are also great tourist attractions.Come along with me as we explore a few of Europe’s famous triumphal arches.