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Walking tour of Veurne, Belgium among beautiful Renaissance architecture

We stopped in Veurne, Belgium on our way back to London from Bruxelles. When we came from London to Bruxelles, I did notice the old church steeples from the freeway and thought that it would be a nice stop on the way back. So, that’s what we did on the way back to London. It ended up being a great place to stop and allow the kids to run around a little bit. We spent about four hours walking between the old building and visiting the old churches in the old center of Veurne. Read on to find out why we liked visiting Veurne, Belgium.

A delightful walking tour of Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, BelgiumBruges was a great travel experience for us, especially after coming from busy Bruxelles. Bruges old town was very quiet despite tons of tourists. We had so many things to see in Bruges that we could hardly cover the city’s main tourist attractions in only one day. Even though we were tired at the end of the day, visiting Bruges was a delight for our eyes, ears and feet.