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Backpacking Through Kings Canyon National Park, California

King's Canyon National Park, CaliforniaWhen I mention King’s Canyon National Park, quite a few people still ask where it is. This is very different than when talking about Yosemite or Sequoia National Parks because everyone knows about these two places. Even though King’s Canyon is a lot less popular, it is a great place to visit and just like Sequoia, it is a backpacker and hiker’s paradise.

Sequoia National Park, California – It’s not just about big trees

Sequoia National Park, CaliforniaWhenever people talk about Sequoia National Park they mention the Sequoia trees that made the park famous. But Sequoia National Park is home to many other natural attractions. Yes it’s true that the big trees are the main attraction and they will produce awe in everyone looking at them, but when you combine these amazing trees with the spectacular views and incredible hiking trails you get…an amazingly spectacular and incredible place ! That’s Sequoia National Park.