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Point Mugu, California – Crazy dog dives in rough ocean waters

Crazy dog swimming through rough waters - thumbnail. Sometimes when traveling you get to witness amazing things that you were not planning to see at all. This is what happened to me when going to the beach again at Point Mugu State Beach in California. I have brought some relatives of ours to the beach since they have not been in this part of the state. When we got there, we noticed that the waves were pretty rough and very loud (about 10 feet high). The water was breaking very close to shore, which made it pretty hard for us to enjoy the water. Eventually we decided to head back home since we couldn’t really play in the water much.

A day at the beach at Point Mugu

The Mugu Rock at Point Mugu, California. We wanted to go to the beach one weekend and we decided to go to Point Mugu since we haven’t been there in a long time. Since I have forgotten to take cash with me, I couldn’t park at the state beach and ended up parking right next to the Mugu Rock and then went down to a small rock beach nearby. We ended up having a great time and saw a sea lion and lots of pelicans. My daughter loved the trip.

Point Mugu, California travel photos and first impressions

Point Mugu, California. I went with my daughter to the beach one weekend. She really wanted to go see “sharks” at the beach. So, we did go to the beach but didn’t see any sharks…which was good. We did see lots of pelicans and one sea lion swimming very close to shore. That was really cool! I decided that we could go to the Point Mugu beach since we haven’t gone there in a long time. We had a great time ! I’ll write more about Point Mugu in another post, but for now take a look at my pictures.
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