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3 Essential Day Trips from Paris France

Soissons, France - Old ruins thumbnailThere are plenty of things to do and see in Paris, France. So, most tourists do not have time to wander outside of Paris. However, I believe that traveling outside of Paris will give you a different view of France. Provincial France is beautifully diverse and filled with historical vestiges. In addition, doing a few day trips from Paris, will help you relax quite a bit by avoiding tourist crowds. Read on to find out about three great day trips from Paris.

How to Climb Arc de Triomphe in Paris

The Arch of Triumph in Paris France is one of the most famous attractions in Paris. Everyone who visits Paris wants to see it. However, once you get to see it and get close to it you’ll notice lots of people on top of the Arch. But how do they get there? There are no huge signs showing you how to and you can’t cross the huge and scary round about around the Arch. You just need to find the entry to the underground passageway that will lead you there. Read on to find out how to climb Arch de Triomphe Paris.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Paris

Paris, France - Old house on Champs d'ElyseeI love Paris ! I think most everyone who visits this city will just love it! I’m not really sure about people living in Paris though, but I still think most people living there love the city. Being a large city, Paris offers everything to everyone in terms of entertainment, food and tourist attractions. It is hard to pick the best tourist attractions, but if you’re only spending a few days in Paris you have to plan seeing the top 5 places to visit in Paris. These Paris tourist attractions are what makes Paris famous, so they are worth seeing them.

7 Famous Arches of Triumph Across Europe

Arches of triumph or triumphal arches are scattered all over Europe. They represent and important visual cue about a country’s military history. Triumphal arches serve as a central point for military parades on national day celebrations. Arches of triumph are also great tourist attractions.Come along with me as we explore a few of Europe’s famous triumphal arches.

Is the Eiffel Tower Worth Visiting?

Eiffel Tower, Paris, FranceParis was my first destination when I first had the opportunity to travel to Europe! This is my favorite city…I just love Paris! Ok, ok…enough said about Paris…but how about the Eiffel Tower? Some people may suggest that it’s not worth visiting, but I disagree completely. I believe the Eiffel Tower is worth all the effort and cash required for climbing all the way to the top. So is the Eiffel Tower overrated ?