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10 Beautiful Day Trips from Geneva

Perouges, France is my favorite day trip from Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland is a great city to visit. There are many things to see in Geneva, but sometimes people are fortunate to be able to spend more time in Geneva and would like to see some other places around the city. I was able to visit Geneva several times and I learned about a few beautiful places right around Geneva. Each is within easy driving distance and makes for a great day trip.

A Charming Walking Tour of Old Town Geneva Switzerland (with Map)

Geneva, Switzerland - City PanoramaI visited Geneva on four different occasions and on almost every visit it happened that I was coming to Geneva from France. What an interesting feeling that was every time I arrived in Geneva. It definitely felt like I was in a completely different country, even though everyone was speaking French in Geneva, Switzerland never felt like France. From the way people wait at the street lights to cross the street to the way people are driving, Geneva feels completely different that any city I visited in France. Traffic, even though very heavy in Geneva, is a lot more ordered, streets are cleaner and even cars are spotless in Geneva.