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17 Best Questions & Answers About Using Debit Cards in Europe

Over the years I have received so many questions about using debit cards in Europe. In this article, I am putting all these questions together with my best answers. I am hoping that you will be able to find answers to all your questions about using ATM cards in Europe. This way you can be prepared for your trip to Europe and you can also save quite a bit of money by avoiding most foreign transaction fees.

Best International Debit Cards to Use in Europe

Traveling internationally is always expensive so anything you can do to stretch your money a little further is great. One area you can save just a bit more is how you use your debit cards when you travel overseas. Debit cards provide basic access to your bank account. But banks vary very much in how much they charge you for using your debit card internationally. Read on to see what major US banks charge for using a Debit Card while traveling internationally.

10 Simplest Rules for Using Debit and Credit Cards in Europe

Wells Fargo debit card

The convenience of ATM cards and Credit cards extends worldwide, including Europe, thanks to a few global cash networks. These networks allow debit and credit cards to be used in different countries just as you would used them at home in the US. You should have no problems using your American cards anywhere in Europe provided you check a few things before you leave. In addition, if you apply a few simple rules you can also save a bit of money as well when you travel to Europe. This article will outline these few things you need to know before you use your ATM and Credit Cards in Europe.