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Swiss Alps from Airplane

The Swiss Alps are amazing mountains. Switzerland is always connected with the Swiss Alps in my mind and I have always loved to see pictures of this amazing mountain range in Europe. Since I only been able to see the Swiss Alps from a distance, I have been looking for some great pictures of them. It happened that my cousin, who lives in Switzerland, got an amazing chance to take a flying tour of the Southern Part of the Swiss Alps. Read along and find out about his experience.

The mighty French Alps and a walking tour of Chamonix, France

Panorama of French Alps - thumbnail.Chamonix, France is a very famous winter resort but it’s not popular only in the winter. We visited Chamonix at the beginning of October on a bright and sunny day. This great weather gave us awesome views of the Alps and made our one hour drive a breeze. We couldn’t resist stopping at one of the rest stops just to admire the mountains. It proved to be the perfect day trip from Geneva, Switzerland.