Planning an international trip to Europe, California or anywhere else is very exciting. These days, with so much information available, travel planning seems very easy. However, when you actually get to your destination, frustration sets in…very often.
Learn how to plan your travel to save money and frustration.

It doesn’t have to be this way! You can plan beautiful international trips that don’t blow your budget and create amazing travel experiences for you and your family or friends.

Over the last 15+ years I have found that having a simple and efficient travel planning strategy makes all the difference between a beautiful trip and a frustrating experience.

SMART is my simple and efficient travel planning strategy developed over 15+ years of trying, learning and traveling.

SMART stands for: Specify, Maximize, Aim, Research and Travel.

In my SMART travel planning book, I will show you how you can Specify your dreams, Maximize your time and money, Aim at your destination, Research your itinerary and finally Travel and enjoy.

  • 30+ page book explaining my SMART travel planning strategy.
  • Simple checklists so you can stay focused.
  • Completely refundable. No questions asked.
  • E-mail support.

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