Big Sur coastline - thumbnailI live in Southern California and I love Southern California ! I always find new places I want to see and experience. Southern California is a great area for those who like to travel and explore.

Yes, there is Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Disneyland, but there is so much more to see and experience. I have traveled extensively by myself and with my family and I have accumulated a unique experience traveling primarily across California and Europe. It is exactly this unique travel experience that I want to share on this site.

My favorite Southern California tourist destinations

Santa Barbara street on a sunny summer day - thumbnail

  • See all Southern California attractions in one day – A very detailed article about visiting most of Southern California’s best tourist attractions in one day. It’s true and you can do it!
  • Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara is by far my favorite day trip in Southern California.
  • Avalon on Catalina Island – Avalon on Catalina Island is a gorgeous place to visit
  • Malibu – Malibu makes for another great day trip especialy for children.
  • Solvang – Another great day trip in Southern California. Lots of things to see and the perfect place for those of us who like to walk.

My favorite European travel destinations

The Eiffel Tower at night in Paris, France - thumbnail

  • Paris – Paris is by far my favorite travel destination in Europe.
  • Bruges – A lovely little town very close to Bruxelles.
  • Salzburg – The true city of music
  • Geneva – What a classy city to visit in Switzerland! Expensive but delightful.
  • Annecy – An amazing lake close to an amazing small old town in France.
  • Yvoire – A bit too touristy but a great village to visit in France.
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