Why I use and like

I have used for many years now in Germany, Austria, England, Italy and California. My experience with the service has been excellent for the following reasons:

  1. Real hotel reviews.  Having also written reviews for, I know they are very diligent to obtain honest and verified reviews so that when you read about others’ experiences at a certain hotel you get  a real opinion that actually helps you.  This is very important when planning your trip.
  2. Useful hotel location information.  The information listed on hotel descriptions is very detailed with respect of how close the hotel is to public transportation and if it has free parking.
  3. Useful hotel contact information.  The description of each hotel includes a real phone number and email address.  I have used both sets of information especially when I knew I would arrive late especially at small hotels.  Being able to call a real person to make arrangements for late arrivals was a life saver on multiple occasions.
  4. Excellent cancellation policy. When planning a trip there are many unknowns, and I make changes to our itinerary several times before our trip. Using gives me peace of mind when it comes to cancelling reservations in order to make new ones.