I love travelling and because of that I have traveled a lot. I have seen many awesome places both in the California and in Europe…so I have a lot to share…if you need help.

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Here are some specific things people have asked me about:

Travel advice and planning – if you take a look at my photos page and find a place that you want to visit, then I have visited it and I probably have some helpful tips.

Transportation in Europe – I have traveled by airplane, train, boat and car throughout Europe…so I have quite a few good tips for traveling throughout Europe.

Traveling with small children – I have two small children and they have been almost everywhere I went. It’s true that they hated it at times but we’ve had some great times traveling as a family. So, if you take your family with you, I have some good tips for you.

Use one of my images for your project – Over the years I have had people use some of my travel images for their projects. So, if you found a great image on my site and want to use it in your project, let me know and we’ll work out a very affordable deal.