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4 Best Places To Visit If You Love Tea

A great tea experience
Coffee may be the beverage of choice among hipsters and young professionals, but tea is still the most widely consumed beverage in the entire world. Recent data indicates that people drink about 25,000 cups of tea every second globally. Read on to find some of the best places to visit if you love tea.

Some people who have a genuine interest in the history and traditions of tea making and drinking make it a point to travel to tea tourism destinations to know more about their favorite beverage. Let’s explore some of the best places to visit if you love tea. these are the best places to visit to buy souvenirs and tea accessories, enjoy tea plantation tours, tea rituals, and more.

1. York for a Complete British Tea Time Experience

Betty's Tea Rooms in York is a favorite place to visit if you love tea.
Betty’s Tea Rooms in York is a favorite place to visit if you love tea.

Throughout history, England has made tea famous in Europe and has turned 5 o’clock tea time into a popular daily event throughout the British influenced world. In particular, visiting Betty’s Tea Rooms is one of the best places to visit in York England, not only for the old fashioned and exquisite tea time experience, but also for the lovely décor and ambiance. Make sure that you stop by the St Helen’s Square location as it is much larger and more historic (over 100 years old) than the Stonegate location.

2. Darjeeling for a Classic Tea Experience

Darjeeling region in India is one of the best places to visit if you love tea
Darjeeling region in India is one of the best places to visit if you love tea

Tea tourism started to become more popular after borders reopened last year amidst the pandemic. Traveling to get a taste of your favorite brew is an exciting way to spend the holidays, so if you’re thinking about doing so in the next months, make sure to plan well so you can consume your favorite variants and make the most of your experience. If you don’t have an idea on where to go, you can sign up for a tea of the month club subscription box so you can get ideas on possible tea tourism destinations. Each month, you’ll get samples from teas all over the world, such as China, Nepal, and Kenya, as well as info on farming and steeping techniques.

If you love a light, fragrant tea such as Darjeeling tea, then consider going to Darjeeling, which is in the region of West Bengal, India. Here, you can visit tea plantations which have gorgeous views of the Himalayas, and sample tea from the various tea shops in town. You can also visit some of the most historic tea resorts and estates in the area, such as the Sourenee Tea Estate, Happy Valley Tea Estate, and the Goomtee Tea Estate and Resort. Book a stay in any of these places and take part in their scheduled daily activities, such as tea picking and factory visits.

3. Taiwan for Boba Tea

Boba Tea is a popular drink in Taiwan
Boba Tea is a popular drink in Taiwan

Spending a few days in Taiwan is a must if you’re a fan of bubble tea (or boba). Also known as boba tea or pearl tea, this beverage was invented on the island back in the 80s. Today, you can order bubble tea anywhere in the world, and in the US, a small cup of boba may cost you anywhere from $3.50 to $5. Meanwhile, in Taiwan, you can get a medium cup of bubble tea in any of the country’s night markets and boba stores for just $5, and enjoy sipping on the delicious beverage while strolling around looking for souvenirs or inexpensive apparel. You can also go on the Original Bubble Tea and Food Tour which will take you to the first ever boba tea shop in the country, Chueng Shuei Tang. Next, you’ll pass by Yong Kang Street for some local treats and dishes. The tour ends with a visit to Jing Sheng Yu tea shop for traditional Taiwanese tea and pastries.

4. Kyoto for Green Tea and Matcha

Matcha latte
A cup of Matcha Latte

Matcha fans shouldn’t miss a trip to Kyoto, Japan, which is famous for its green tea and Matcha. The teas are produced in the town of Uji, and here, you can book tours to explore the district, visit local tea shops, and see how the teas are prepared. Matcha tasting is free, and you can also taste some free matcha ice cream while on the tour. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs before you leave.

Tea tourism is on the rise, and it’s about to become more popular than ever. If you’re a fan of tea, be sure to include these destinations in your travel plans this year so you can enjoy your favorite beverage in a brand new way.

About the author: Charly Morris is a passionate traveler and freelance writer. She tries to visit as many different locations as possible every year and is proud to have visited every continent on the planet.

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