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5 Best Disneyland Rides For the Entire Family

The Millennium Falcon model is a top attraction at DisneylandWith several rides for your young ones and with the entire park filled with family friendly rides, this is the perfect place for the whole family to enjoy. In this article I will be sharing my best Disneyland rides for the entire family and especially for teenagers.

Since, a teenager is the best person to write about Disneyland experiences, I have asked my daughter to share her favorite list of best Disneyland rides. So, if you’re asking the question: what rides should I ride first at Disneyland, then this list will answer your question, because these are the best Disneyland rides. So, put on some comfortable walking shoes and come along with us as we explore our best Disneyland rides for adults and teenagers alike.

1. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

The Rise of the Resistance ride is one of the best Disneyland rides
Disneyland, California – Storm Troopers inside the Rise of the Resistance ride
See my photos from Disneyland

First let’s queue in the Star Wars theme song and start with the best of the best Disneyland rides.  This ride, currently being the newest ride in the park, is complete with all the newest animatronics, graphics and tech you could ever want in a ride! This ride really can’t be put into words as to how detailed and similar to the Star Wars films it is. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, this ride is truly a one of a kind experience.

Taking that it’s such a captivating ride, you may be wondering how you’ll ever get through the line and onto the ride. Disney has somewhat solved this problem with their new virtual lines. However since this is a virtual line, without “getting in” that virtual line through the Disneyland App there’s no possible way to ride, and yes there are limited amounts in these queues.

2. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Disneyland, California - The Millennium Falcon near the entrance to the Smuggler's Run ride
Disneyland, California – The Millennium Falcon near the entrance to the Smuggler’s Run ride
See my photos from Disneyland

Yes I know, I chose another Star Wars ride as my second favorite of the best Disneyland rides. But it’s true! The Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is truly a ride experience like no other. And not only the ride itself, but the park has its own life size version of the iconic Millennium Falcon you all know and love.

In addition, you get to go on it! Not only do you get to be on it, you get to fly it! With four different assignments, groups of maximum six get to pick who is either pilot, co-pilot, engineer, or gunner! It’s truly such a creative and involving ride that the whole family can enjoy. The new tech and intricate details everywhere “on the Millennium Falcon” really make you feel like you’ve been transported to a galaxy far far away!

3. Splash Mountain

The final drop at Splash Mountain
The final drop at Splash Mountain
Photo by randychiu, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Finally one ride not located in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Splash Mountain is an easy going fun ride until you get to the end where a 50 foot drop awaits you! Personally I enjoy big thrills and drops, but this truly is a fun ride that leaves you refreshed, balancing out the sweltering heat of Anaheim! I think the whole family can enjoy this ride, just to be prepared for a pretty hefty drop and a pretty hefty amount of water in your shoes! Splash Mountain definitely deserves a top place on the best Disneyland rides list.

4. Indiana Jones

Actual diesel truck used in the filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark and now on permanent display at the
Actual diesel truck used in the filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark and now on permanent display at the the “Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye” attraction at Disneyland

This ride was a pleasant surprise, and I’m so glad it made my list of best Disneyland rides! Packed with intense action and lunges forward this one is truly a crowd pleaser. The whole layout of this ride is very creative and captivating. It may however be slightly scary for younger children under the age of 6. But I did see multiple young children riding it and enjoying it a lot!

5. Big Thunder Mountain

Small train car navigating the twisting turns at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride
Small train car navigating the twisting turns at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride

Perfect for the whole family, this ride is a fun and fast ride that gives you the feeling you’re riding on the side of a mountain! Actually, Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain hoodoos are inspired from Bryce Canyon National Park. All of the twists and turns add to the experience and help you feel like you’re going to fall from the side of a mountain! A great ride that certainly deserves to be on the best Disneyland rides list.

Plan Riding the Best Disneyland Rides

The most helpful tip to know when going to Disneyland is that if you want to go on the newest ride (Rise of the Resistance required this), eat at any of the more popular restaurants in the park, or be able to see the wait times for all the rides, you must have the My Disney Experience app installed on your phone.

The reason why they are using this app for new rides and currently Rise of the Resistance is because it starts a “virtual line” which allows you to “walk on” the ride at your specified time.

How do you get in the virtual line for the rides at Disneyland?

You can only get in this virtual line once you are inside the gates of Disneyland.

I recommend entering the virtual line as soon as possible the moment you enter the park, taking that the virtual lines can fill up very quickly.

There are 2 times in the day when the “line opens” one once the park opens and the other at 1 pm.

Once you reserved your space “in line” it will give you a group number and once your group number is called, you will have 10 minutes to get to the ride and get on. This way you don’t have to spend so much time in line and you have more time exploring the park!

What is the Coolest Ride at Disneyland?

I obviously recommend making it to all of these rides on your next Disneyland trip, because they are the best Disneyland rides for 2021! However, the rides in the new Star Wars Land are just amazingly captivating and entertaining. So, the top pick of the coolest ride at Disneyland is the Rise of the Resistance as it it already obvious from my own list.

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