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5 Beautiful Cambria Hiking Trails

Thumbnail of coastline on Cambria hiking trails

Cambria is one of my favorite beach towns in California. From the gorgeous coastline to a quaint downtown, Cambria is simply charming. In this article however, I want to explore a few beautiful hiking spots in this beautiful area. Put on some comfortable hiking shoes and let’s explore my favorite Cambria hiking trails.

1. Bluff Trail at Fiscalini Ranch

The Bluff Trail at Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is one of the best Cambria Hiking Trails
The Bluff Trail at Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is one of the best Cambria Hiking Trails
See my photos from Cambria

You can easily get to Fiscalini Ranch the end of Windsor Boulevard.  The Bluff Trail will be on your right towards the ocean and it is an easy trail in a lovely location. The round trip walking distance is about 2.5 miles but you can extend it by connecting it to other trails.
The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is a great coastal preserve to hike with a few trails which branch off of the main fire road/trail though the preserve. Some trails allow biking and the one closest to the ocean is hiking only. The coastal trail on a clear day offers great coastal views, and overall this a great smaller preserve to go hiking or biking at. The Bluff Trail definitely tops my list of Cambria hiking trails.

I am adding this as a new favorite place, gives you a little bit of both worlds, walking in the trees, and a walk along the beach. Beautiful, clean, peaceful place. Has occasionally placed seating for some breath taking views.

If you’re craving an outdoor adventure but you don’t have all day to travel far and spend hours hiking this is the place for you. Its absolutely beautiful and gives you a magical forest feel along with mesmerizing ocean views. There are lots a different trails for those looking for something short and sweet or those looking for more of a workout.

2. Moonstone Beach Park

Beautifully colored moonstones on Moonstone Beach
Beautifully colored moonstones on Moonstone Beach
Image by XMCWX

The gorgeous Moonstone Beach and the adjacent coastline is the main attraction in Cambria. You can easily access Moonstone Beach at the Santa Rosa Creek Parking lot and continue walking on the Beach to Shamel Park.

The sand isn’t especially soft or white. The beach isn’t very safe for swimming, especially for small children. But Moonstone Beach is one of my favorite beaches in the world, and getting to walk on it is one of my favorite Cambria hiking trails. The surrounding countryside is also special, from the beautiful San Simeon to the small village of Harmony.

Moonstone Beach Park is a nice park along the central California coast. The park is located right off the main road, has walking trails, and plenty of open beach to relax on.

Weather does not matter when you stroll Moonstone Beach, even if partly cloudy. Sometimes you can watch the fog roll in and then you can end with warm sun in a matter of hours. Starting at the parking lot you can hike all the way up to the tide pools and you can return via the boardwalk. Often you can catch a glimpse of pods of dolphins playing just beyond the breakers in the swells! What more can you ask for on a beautiful day in Cambria? Well maybe a beer or a piece of Linn’s pie!
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3. Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

The Moonstone Beach Boardwalk seen from a nearby hillside
The Moonstone Beach Boardwalk seen from a nearby hillside
See my photos from Cambria

The Moonstone Beach Boardwalk hugs the coast along Moonstone Beach Drive and has become my favorite from all Cambria hiking trails. You can easily pick it up from near Lefingwell Creek to Santa Rosa Creek parking lot where you can continue walking on Moonstone Beach itself.

Walking along the boardwalk gives you unbelievable, panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Great for a morning/evening walk or run. Watch the waves crash against the big rocks, have a coffee and relax to the sounds of the ocean. Great for families, young children, couples, and nature lovers. Simply gorgeous!

What’s not to love about this place? Easy access from the Highway 1, the Moonstone Beach Boardwalk is a great place to stop on a long ride up or down the coast. In addition, if you time your visit appropriately, the tide pools there will provide their own “playground”.

Such a beautiful beach with long stretching Boardwalk along the coastline. Never crowded always beautiful weather. You’ll find beautiful wildflowers some wildlife and the beginning of the Big Sur Rocky coastline. The views are amazing and the walk is always peaceful. The Moonstone Bar and Grill is near by where you can enjoy delicious food with a great view. I think this is a must for any beach enthusiast.

4. Leffingwell Landing Park

Sunset is best viewed at Leffingwell Landing State Park
Sunset is best viewed at Leffingwell Landing State Park
See my photos from Cambria

Leffingwell Landing Park is my favorite spot to watch the sunset and the waves in Cambria. This tiny park also has my favorite Cambria hiking trails, which are actually more like walks than hikes. You can easily park your car and start exploring this beautiful coastal area.

Leffingwell is a beautiful park to visit along the central coast. It is a small park but has walking trails along the shoreline, and great coastal cliff views. Well worth stopping if driving up Highway 1.

In addition, Leffingwell Landing is an amazing place for exploring tide pools with your children or just to sot and watch the ocean.

5. Santa Rosa Creek trail

View of Cambria from the Santa Rosa Creek Trail
View of Cambria from the Santa Rosa Creek Trail
See my photos from Cambria

To finish my list of Cambria hiking trails, let’s walk along the Santa Rosa Creek Trail. You can pick it up from Main Street near Bluebird Inn to Fiscalini Ranch first and if you want to, you can take it further near Moonstone Beach.

Locals use this trail frequently mostly because it quickly connects downtown Cambria main with other trails in the Fiscalini Preserve. It is generally a pretty trail, with some lovely spots along the way. It is also pretty flat, which cannot be said of many other trails in Cambria as many wind over coastal hills and through canyons. As part of the trail system however, Santa Rosa Creek Trail is worth your time especially if you have more days to spend in Cambria.

Plan Your Walking Along Cambria Hiking Trails

Depending on how much time you have to spend in Cambria, you can start exploring Cambria hiking trails at Leffingwell Landing area then work your way down on the Boardwalk all the way to Moonstone Beach Park. Then, I recommend exploring the Fiscalini Ranch hiking trails.

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