The Best Time of Year to Travel in the Eastern United States

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Fishing village on the East CoastThe eastern states are some of the most popular vacation spots, yet many haven’t had the chance to visit yet!  If you’re inspired by the beautiful coastlines or want to know incredible people and food, you’re not alone!  Although the eastern USA is full of life and fun year-round, there’s absolutely a better time of year to visit! Here’s when to visit the East Coast of the United States.

Avoid the Thick Heat of Later Summer Months

From halfway through July to the middle of September, the temps are at their hottest in the eastern portions of the country.  Although many love this heat and don’t mind getting a few extra rays in their schedule, many others would rather avoid extreme weather.

Instead, almost any other season is more habitable.  If you’re traveling to the northeast, the weather may also be harsh during the winter, so it’s better to travel at an in-between time.

Try to Arrive When Fun is Still Happening

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If you arrive in the dead of winter, unfortunately, there are probably fewer things you’ll find open and available to enjoy.  Instead of trying to entertain yourself on a large and frozen beach, it’s a good idea to research an area before you travel.  This means getting to know when festivals and gatherings are happening so that you can arrive on time to enjoy some of the better parts of any area.

Although you don’t have to go to fairs or carnivals if you don’t want to, they can be a great way to get to know any area.  Some areas, like North Carolina even have food-themed festivals like the Blue Crab Festival, where you can have as much crab as you want, and nobody would want to miss out on that!

Earlier Summer Means Lower Chance of Hurricanes

A lot of the east coast has to fear hurricanes.  Although not every state gets hit every year, it happens often enough in some areas that it changes the behavior of tourists. So if you’re worried about going to look at Chapel Hill apartments, try to keep an eye on any possible hurricanes to keep yourself safe.  Fewer hurricanes form at the beginning of the season, so if you’re nervous, try to plan a vacation at the very beginning of hurricane season so it’s warmer than winter and the weather is more comfortable than fall.

Avoid the Larger Crowds of People

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Although it’s a good idea to try to arrive in time for festivals and fun, don’t let these dictate everything.  If you would rather travel in the late fall, do it!  If you want the frosty empty beaches of the early spring, don’t be afraid to go for it!  Although, in general, the late spring/early summer are the best times to visit any city on the east coast, as traveling when and where you want to can make any vacation more special.

Come and Enjoy the Snow

Snowboarders walking up the trail at ski resort

Skier or snowboarder, or just love to sit in a cozy cabin and watch the snow fall? The Eastern United States is known for many amazing ski resorts and cozy cabin rentals for a weekend getaway. Killington Ski Resort in VT, Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort in NY, Camelback Mountain in PA, and Sunday River Ski Resort in Maine are some of the most popular on the East coast.

Pros and Cons to Visiting in Warmer Months

Obviously, the warmer spring months are when the fair weather occurs as it isn’t too hot and temperatures are very tolerable. For campers and those with RV’s, this is a great time to travel and take advantage of hiking spots, swimming, admiring all of the blooming flowers and wildlife, and of course not running into any inclimate weather for bad travel conditions.

Although there are some cons for visiting in warmer months, as the Eastern US is home to lots of ticks that carry Lyme’s disease. When hiking in the woods or open fields, always be sure to wear high, tight socks and check yourself thoroughly when you’re done hiking.

Pros and Cons to Visiting in Colder Months

Oftentimes the colder months are less busy and a better time for checking out winter hiking spots if you are an experienced snowshoer or hiking enthusiast. There’s also many large shopping malls and small, quaint towns in all of the states along the Eastern US with many boutiques and unique restaurants. In autumn, the fall foliage is breathtaking as it crests among the surrounding mountains and blue skies.

A few cons to visiting in the colder months are snowstorms and icy, windy conditions. Sometimes the eastern US doesn’t experience any snow, but when it does, it’s usually harsh and roads shut down, making travel a major headache.

In the end, just make sure to plan thoroughly!  Regardless of what time of year you visit the east coast, some planning can ensure you get the most out of this gorgeous portion of the country.

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