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A Guide to the Best Las Vegas Casinos


Las Vegas Strip at night thumbnailLas Vegas, the City of Lights, is a popular destination in the US for several reasons. Whilst it boasts museums, art galleries and a range of resorts to enjoy, it is best known for the casinos on its world-renowned Strip, and beyond. Popularized in films such as The Hangover and Ocean’s Eleven, Las Vegas is instantly recognizable across media.

Deep in the Nevada desert, it is a town of excess, where dreams are made and broken, and it was a record breaking year in 2019. Drawn to the city for the shows, sounds and games, it helped Nevada’s tourism industry reach to around $67.6 billion. Put all of that aside though, and as a discerning traveler you must make some serious choices when you visit Las Vegas. There are 136 casinos in the city, and to help you make the right choices, we have picked four of the best to frequent on your next trip to Nevada. In this article we’ll explore the best Las Vegas casinos on the famous Las Vegas Strip.


Aria is one of the best Las Vegas casinos for slot machines

If you are heading to Vegas for the slot machines, then there is no better place to start than ARIA. Slots have become big business in recent years and ARIA has some of the finest high-limit games in the city. Their special high-limit room, named SPIN, has machines that cost up to $5,000 per go. That is designed for the high rollers, but downstairs it also has one of the largest slot machine floors on the Strip.

Brick and mortar casinos have been forced to react to the competition posed by online slots in recent years, with ARIA’s high-limit room one example of their development. Online providers have several advantages over the physical buildings, which ARIA has been forced to counteract. The wide range of casino and slot games on Cheeky Bingo is a clear demonstration of how online providers are excelling by adding variety to a gamer’s options. Titles such as Deal or No Deal Live and Friends Slingo use recognized brands to attract players, but they are also easily replaced, updated or adapted for a changing market. Whilst that presents a challenge for proper venues, it is one they are finding a solution to. $5,000 spin games are not common with online providers, which is still the bastion of exclusive, high-limit rooms at places such as the ARIA.

2. Bellagio

Bellagio is one of the best Las Vegas casinos, well known for the dancing fountains

A trip to the Bellagio is, for many, a trip to Las Vegas. With its iconic fountains and prominent place in the film Ocean’s Eleven, the Bellagio has become almost synonymous with Vegas, perhaps even more so than locations such as Caesars Palace. The poker room is a particular favorite at the Bellagio, with 40 tables keeping a variety of players happy. There is plenty to do away from the gaming too, from gourmet food to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Still, games are where the real action is at and if you do choose to participate in the poker room, you can even get head and shoulder massages whilst playing a hand.

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3. Venetian and Palazzo

Venetian is a beautiful Las Vegas casino known for its gondolas

The owners of the Venetian and Palazzo are thought to be exploring a potential sale, but there will be no shortage of buyers for one of Las Vegas’ most iconic and luxurious destinations. Technically, these are two casinos, but they are linked by one of the finest spas in the world, all 134,000 square feet of it. Between the two excellent gaming outlets, you can get a Finnish sauna, or tackle the 40-foot rock-climbing wall. Throw in Pilates, yoga and barre classes and you might be forgiven for forgetting you are sandwiched in between two primary gaming establishments. Of course, the range of games and pastimes in both casinos is excellent, as you would expect from one of the leaders of the field on the Strip.

4. MGM Grand

One of the oldest Las Vegas casinos is MGM

The MGM Grand is a great destination for non-gamers, as well as those looking to follow the typical Vegas pursuits. It is well known for having a stingy slot machine, which eventually paid out a jackpot to a New Hampshire couple in 2014. If testing yourself against a challenging slot is not your thing, then the MGM Grand has plenty more to offer. There is a great area called LEVEL UP, which is an arcade for grownups, and the casino has hosted plenty of shows and events, including boxing bouts such as Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson and Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. There is also an area called CBS Television City, a research center for CBS. They put on screenings of shows that may come up on the network and gauge reaction and feedback, giving you some degree of control over the shows you may wish to see.

Of course, these are just a small sample of the casinos you could and should visit. Caesars Palace is another famous name, carving a niche in the sportsbook industry, whilst the Red Rock Canyon Resort is a little further away from the Strip, but offers a great all-in-one approach to your stay in Vegas, with spa treatment, great location and, of course, that all-important aspect of great gaming.

About the Author: Jeremiah Buckley is a Midwest native with a passion for seeing as much of this wonderful country as he can. When he is not sampling the absolute best of US tourism, he can be found in Cedarburg, Wisconsin with his wife Grace and two cats, Chuck and Berry.

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