5 Best Ways to Share Travel Stories

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Peles Castle Romania thumbnailTraveling is so much fun! Modern times however, have added an extra bonus when it comes to savoring your travel experiences. These days, technology has created many ways to share travel stories that allow you to enjoy your own trips a lot more by simply sharing them with friends and family. From sharing your travel photos online to printing photo books, we have lots of ways to capture and enhance what we experience while traveling. Let’s put on our practical hat and explore my favorite ways to share travel stories.

Sharing your travel experiences especially as you travel makes your travel stories that much more memorable. In this article I will share my favorite ways to share travel stories.

1. Share Your Travel Photos Online

Shared Albums in Google Photos is one of the simplest ways to share travel stories online.
Shared Albums in Google Photos is one of the simplest ways to share travel stories online.

First on my list of best ways to share travel stories, is to simply share my travel photos. Sharing your travel photos online is the easiest and quickest way to share your travel stories with your friends and family. Using an online service to upload your best travel photos makes it really special because you can share photos while you travel. My favorite ways to share my travel stories online is to use Google Photos or Microsoft One Drive. Here is how I do it.

Share Travel Stories with Google Photos

If you’re like most travelers these days you use your phone to take most of your travel pictures. Here are the steps for quickly sharing your travel story with Google Photos:

  1. Open Google Photos on your phone. I assume you have it installed and ready to go.
  2. Turn on Google Photos Backup and Sync on your phone. This will allow you to have your travel photos backed up as you travel. This not only will allow you to easily share your photos, but also it will provide an easy backup in case you lose your phone…which unfortunately, can easily happen while you travel. To turn on Backup & Sync on your phone, tap the top right corner of the application, press Photos Settings and tap Backup and Sync. Just make sure it’s turned on. I usually keep Use Cellular data turned off so I don’t use my cell phone data plan while I travel because that is very expensive. This way the phone will wait for a Wi-Fi connection before backing up my photos.
  3. Select a few pictures you like and create a Shared Album. Once you select a few pictures you like to share, press the + button on the top right and choose Shared Album. Google Photos will create a Shared Album with the selected pictures in it. Now, all you have to do is to press the Share Button and share the link with your friends.
  4. Add more photos to the Shared Album. Once you’ve created a shared album, next time you want to add more photos, click the Library button on the bottom right which will show you all your albums, including the Shared Album you just created. Tap the album and then press Add Photos to add more photos. Your friends will automatically be able to see the new photos using the same link you’ve sent them.

Important Note: On iPhones, Google Photos Backup & Sync doesn’t automatically start unless you first open the Google Photos application. So, if you rely on Google Photos, make sure you open it every day when you have Wi-Fi available.

2. Travel Story Books

Printing a Travel Photo Book is among my favorite ways to share travel stories.
Travel Photo Books are my favorite way to share photo stories.

Printing a physical travel photo book is my second best of the ways to share your travel stories. My favorite things about a great travel photo book is that it is concise and you can hold it in your hand. Really, while digital ways to share travel stories are great and more versatile, an old fashioned travel photo book is the easiest thing to use by anyone, young or old. The largest downside of creating a travel story book is that it takes time to make…actually quite a bit of time.

My favorite company for creating a travel photo book is Shutterfly. Their user interface is easy to use and the books are simply beautiful. IF you are patient and wait for one of their sales so you don’t pay for shipping, then the deal gets even better. We’ve printed several 8×10 photo books that are always great conversation starters when we have guests over at our house.

Here are some simple steps for printing your travel story book:

  1. Select your favorite photos. While seemingly simple, this step always proves time consuming and we take thousands of photos these days. I always do this step on my desktop computer where I have the advantage of a large monitor where working with photos is much easier.
  2. Create an account with the company you’re using to print your photo book.
  3. Upload your selected photos to the company’s software.
  4. Pick a travel theme that suits your personality.
  5. Place the photos in your theme and arrange them the way you want. My wife and I always want the book to flow like a travel story and not just some pictures. We also try adding some meaningful captions to the images.
  6. Place the order and simply enjoy the photo book when you get it in the mail. Keep the book handy, on a coffee table or somewhere easy to share with your guests.

3. Share Travel Stories on a Travel Log

Keeping a travel log comes third on my list of favorite ways to share travel stories. Being able to share words in addition to travel pictures, makes your travel story so much stronger. Obviously, this is what I love to do, given your are actually reading my own travel blog. I love sharing tips and details for all my trips even though it takes quite a bit of time to write each article and process my favorite travel pictures. Writing in order to share travel stories helps me remember all these beautiful experiences I have had while traveling. If you love traveling then I really recommend trying to write about what you experience while traveling…just tell your travel story.

An online travel log is very different than running a travel blog (like my own TouristBee.com). Whereas a travel blog is a standalone website that you own and operate (which takes a lot of effort), travel logs use existing software services that provide everything for you to be able to share your travel stories.

Travel log companies provide you an easy way to share words and pictures without the headaches that come from running your own website. The downside of a travel log is that you don’t own the website and its URL and therefore you are very limited in what you can do with the travel stories you share. However, if your purpose is only to share your travel stories, then a travel log is the way to go.

There are a number of services that allow you to quickly record your travel stories and share them as you travel.  My favorite, quick way to record my travels is Bonjournal which makes it easy to combine words and pictures into a beautiful travel story that is easily shared.

4. Travel Story Calendars

The same company that prints your travel photo book can also print beautiful calendars. We love using calendars with our travel photos as Christmas gifts for our family and friends. Your own calendar with your own pictures and travel story means so much more to your loved ones when compared with store bought calendars. Even though my photography skills are not great compared with commercial photographers, putting that personal touch on your own travel story calendar makes the gift so much more precious.

Here are some simple steps for printing your travel story calendar:

    1. Select your favorite photos. While this is similar to creating a photo book, a travel calendar will limit the amount of photos you can actually use. There are 12 pages in a calendar (you can also do a 16 page calendar with some pages for the current year) plus a front and back cover. Yes, you can pick a theme that allows you to add lots of picture per page, I like to only use a maximum of 4 photos for a calendar page.
    2. Upload your selected photos to the calendar printing company.
    3. Choose a travel theme for your calendar and place your selected photos in it. When you organize your calendar pages like a travel story you have a sequence of beautiful moments that flow.
    4. Order your travel calendar and give it as a gift or place one in your house in an easily accessible place so you can use it as a conversation starter.

5. Bags That Tell Your Travel Story

If you are thinking of other ideas for sharing your travel story, personalized bags also make excellent gift items. Tote Bag Factory has your quality wholesale bags ready at the cheapest price and are ready for personalization. What type of utility in a bag should you focus on? What do people do every day? People eat lunch every day. Offering personalized and promotional insulated bags are the ultimate gift because they are multi-use and long lasting. Who doesn’t need insulation for food and drinks on a hot day at the beach, the office, or anywhere there isn’t refrigeration? You need to make sure you are offering up the best quality products to your friends and family. These are also great ideas as promotional products, if you own a business.  At Tote Bag Factory you know you are getting exactly that.

Should You Find Ways to Share Travel Stories?

I usually answer this question with a definite yes! Sharing your travel stories help you relive those beautiful experiences with all their flavor and quirks.  This helps my family relive feelings and sights that inspired or challenged us. My favorite ways to share travel stories are sharing travel photos online and printing travel photo books…and of course publishing on my travel blog.

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