6 Simple Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

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Maybe you are not really looking forward to your vacation because you know how many workouts you will skip, so your entire trip becomes one big cheat day. but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you plan your trip smartly you will be able to stay fit and exercise during your vacation. Here are some tips on how to stay fit while traveling.

1. Stay Active During Your Trip

London's Regent Park is a great place for running and walking
London’s Regent Park is a great place for running and walking
See my photos from Regent Park

People usually tend to be more active while they are traveling because if you are visiting a city you are going to walk around a lot (if you are not a huge fan of walking, try renting a bike, it is also a good form of exercise). If you are visiting a mountain, go for a hike or rock climbing. But probably the most active vacations are the ones on the beaches. All water sports require a lot of energy and we do not even notice how tired we are until we come back home and take a shower. It is basically one fun full-body workout.

2. Pack Less

With all the clothes and accessories you are planning to bring on your trip there really isn’t any more room for you to fit workout clothes, but that only means that you need to pack fewer things. Your workout clothes do not really take a lot of space, plus if you are really into yoga, you won’t really need shoes (if you are not already doing yoga, maybe this is your motivation to start).
But if you are a runner, bringing your favorite running shoes is a must, you would be surprised at how well they can fit even in the tiniest of luggage.

Bringing your workout clothes will definitely help as a motivation to do a workout session while traveling because once you already brought all of those extra clothes and equipment, you might as well just use it.

3. Eat Healthy

A local butcher shop in Rothenburg, Germany. These small shops can make delicious sandwiches with fresh meats.
A local butcher shop in Rothenburg, Germany. These small shops can make delicious sandwiches with fresh meats.
See my photos from Rothenburg

There is a lot of temptation to stuff yourself with all the delicious fast food and sweets you stumble upon on your vacation, but try to avoid doing it, because it is honestly just a setback. Do not take eating candy as a reward or a treat, instead, try your best to eat almost the same as you do at home. Your body will thank you.

If you have the means to prepare your own food at a place where you are staying, you should definitely take that opportunity. That way you can actively buy and make the food you would normally eat, instead of eating out every day. Not only is it healthier, but it’s also much cheaper.

Another tip is always to have a healthy snack with you because when we are hungry, we are not really capable of making smart decisions, instead, we go where our stomachs want, so always having fruits, nuts, or healthy granola bars as your go-to snack will trick your hunger for a little while until you are able to make or buy something healthy and nutritious.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

People filling with water at St. Ann's Well which comes from the same source as the famous Buxton bottled water
People filling with water at St. Ann’s Well which comes from the same source as the famous Buxton bottled water
See my photos from Buxton

Water is something almost everyone does not get enough of while traveling – either we are too busy exploring the area to remember to take a sip, or we simply do not have a way to get it at that time. But staying hydrated is very important when you are active all day long, especially if you are visiting a warmer place, so always have a bottle of water with you and try to remember to take a sip at least every hour.

Sometimes we can think that we are hungry but actually we are thirsty, so if you are trying to avoid overeating, drinking plenty of water is a way to go.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important parts of our fitness journey because when we feel rested we feel more inclined to actually do the workout. But apart from influencing your energy levels, it can even affect your athletic performance.
It may be tempting to spend the entire night out exploring and having fun, but it is not so good for your fitness levels. Try getting those 6-8 hours every night for a better mood, better cognitive function, and better workouts.

6. Drink Less Alcohol

If you are really into parties, staying away from alcohol may be a hard thing to do, but it is probably the smart thing to do while traveling.
But this does not mean never to take another sip again. Although it is not particularly healthy, like many other things, you do not need to avoid it at any cost. Drinking occasionally in moderation will not do a lot of harm to your health.
Be smart about it. A lot of alcoholic beverages are loaded with unnecessary calories so if you are trying to lose weight make tea your new favorite drink.

Can you stay fit while traveling?

Many times fitness is one of the least things we think about while traveling. However, following these simple tips will help you stay in great shape so you can enjoy all the sights you’re visiting. Staying fit will maximize your travel experience greatly.

About the Author: Mila Foster is a blogger, editor and writer. I’ve been to 33 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Oceania, and North America and plan to travel to many more in my lifetime!

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