12 Amazing Castles in Romania You Must See

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Romanian Castles are surprising for most visitors to Romania because they are unexpected and very impressive. In addition to beautiful modern castles and old fortresses, Romania has some of the best medieval castles in Europe. Most of the Romanian Castles are located near mountain passes and hilltops with beautiful views of the surrounding areas. So, come along with me as we explore some fairy tale Romanian Castles.

1. Peleș Castle

Peles Castle is the most visited of the castles in Romania.
Peles Castle, Romania – The Neo-Renaissance castle was very modern for its time being inspired from Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany
See my photos from Peles Castle

The pearl of castles in Romaina is Peleș Castle. This beautiful Neo-Renaissance building has strong German influence as well as traditional Romanian architecture features. Peleș  Castle is located on a beautiful hilltop and surrounded by steeper hills. When you first come in front of the castle, you will be really impressed by how beautiful this Romanian castle is.  Even our kids loved taking pictures in front of it and visiting the interior.

You can easily find budget hotels in Sinaia as Romania is generally much cheaper than western Europe. Just be careful where you pick your hotel, as the very steep hills in Sinaia can make getting around somewhat difficult by walking.

Parking at Peles Castle can be tricky especially during the summer when lots and lots of tourists come to visit this beautiful castle. The main parking area for visiting Peles is situated at the bottom of the hill.
From the main Peles parking area, you walk uphill for about 10 minutes and come right in front of the castle. A secondary parking area has you drive to the north side of the property up some very steep roads. You can find a secondary Peles castle parking area.
Coming to Sinaia by train is very easy from Bucharest.  From Sinaia train station however, it takes about 25 minutes walking uphill to Peles Castle. While it is not necessarily an easy walk, the path to Peles Castle from Sinaia Train Station is beautiful.

2. Hunedoara Castle

Hunedoara Castle is the most impressive medieval Romanian Castle as it is very well preserved.
Hunedoara, Romania – The iconic bridge leading to the impressive Corvins’ Castle
See my photos from Hunedoara Castle

Also known as Corvins’ Castle (Castelul Corvinilor), Hunedoara Castle is the best medieval castle in all Europe in my opinion. Hunedoara Castle represents my favorite of all castles in Romania. Built in the middle ages, and very well preserved presently, Hunedoara Castle should be one of the key attractions for your trip through Romania.

You can easily find budget hotels in Hunedoara. While there are lots of tourists during the summer, if you plan carefully, you can really enjoy your trip to this beautiful medieval Romanian castle. During the summer, at the height of the tourist season, Hunedoara Castle is flooded with tourists.

Parking as usual in Romania is very tricky. The main parking area at Hunedoara Castle while very cheap, easily fills up. You can also try your luck finding a spot on the nearby steep hill around this area.

3. Bran Castle

Bran Castle is the most famous Romanian Castle as it serves as the inspiration for Dracula's Castle
Bran Castle, Romania – Beautiful sideview of the majestic Dracula’s Castle
See my photos from Bran Castle

Yes, this is the famous Dracula’s Castle used by Bram Stocker in his famous Dracula vampire novel. Count Dracula has a few historical ties to a real Romanian ruler called Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Țepeș in Romanian). A bloody and fierce ruler, Vlad Țepeș only visited Bran Castle a few times during his lifetime.

Summers also bring lots and lots of tourists here, as Bran castle is one of the most famous castles in Romania. Even though busy during the summers, you can easily find budget hotels in the Bran area and enjoy the beautiful local area.

Parking is very tricky here and, other than parking around the Bran Castle front entrance, there are not many designated areas for parking.

4. Făgăraș Fortress

The fortress reflected in moat water
Făgăraș Fortress reflected in the water from the old moat
See my photos from Făgăraș Fortress

Făgăraș Fortress is a gorgeous medieval castle using the star system for its defensive towers. Beautifully preserved and very easily accessible, Făgăraș Fortress is a beautiful destination to visit. Situated in the middle of an otherwise uninteresting communist town, Fagaras Fortress really belongs on my list of castles in Romania.
We love taking a stroll on the outside of the Fortress and see the old walls reflected in the waters of the moat. A couple of times a day, they have a changing of the guard show where you can learn about old customs and costumes.
Parking around Fagaras Fortress is very simple as there are plenty of side streets and parking spots that are very near to the fortress itself. You can also find very reasonable hotels in Fagaras if you want to spend the night in the area.

5. Sighișoara Fortress

Sighisoara has the most visited medieval Romanian Fortress
Sighisoara, Romania – Beautifully preserverd defense tower
See my photos from Sighișoara

Sighișoara is unique in all of Europe as it is the only remaining medieval Fortress still inhabited by people. You find regular houses where regular people still live within the old medieval walls. Hiking up through the covered staircase you can visit a beautiful high school and a very peaceful old cemetery. Sighisoara’s imposing City Hall and studios for a local radio station are also located inside the old fortress walls.

We loved visiting Sighisoara and wandering through the narrow streets and climbing in the old defensive towers. This is a beautiful Romanian fortress where you can take your time and walk back in time.

You can find plenty of very affordable hotels in Sighisoara, near the fortress as well as conveniently located by the train station.

6. Râșnov Fortress

Râșnov is an impressive Romanian Fortress with breathtaking views all the way around
Râșnov, Romania – Dating from the 11th century, the Râșnov Fortress has withstood numerous invasions and wars
See my photos from Râșnov Fortress

Perched high up on a hilltop, Râșnov Fortress dominates the small town of Rasnov below. Râșnov is another Romanian Castle that can easily be visited especially after visiting the nearby more famous Bran Castle.

Also, the area around Rasnov is absolutely gorgeous to visit. Piatra Craiului National Park is a mere 15 minutes away from Rasnov. You can easily drive to the dramatic Cheile Zanoagei and visit the breathtaking mountain village of Magura.

Parking at Râșnov Fortress can be pretty stressful in the summer. The main parking area is overcrowded and not free (as erroneously indicated on the internet). Once you park, a small tractor will take you up the steep hill to the fortress.

I recommend instead, parking underground for free at the bottom of the hill, right in the heart of Rasnov old town and take the 30 second tram ride to the top.

7. Rupea Fortress

Rupea, Romania - Entrance defense walls to Rupea Fortress
Rupea, Romania – Entrance defense walls to Rupea Fortress
See my photos from Rupea Fortress

Rupea is a small town in Transylvania, right on the main road from Brașov to Sighișoara. The medieval Fortress of Rupea can be seen clearly from the main road as it dominates the area from the tallest hill.
Rupea Fortress is easily accessible from the main road right after passing the town itself. Following the signs for Cetatea Rupea will take you up the hill right at the main parking area.

8. Alba-Iulia Fortress

Alba Iulia, Romania - The main entrance gate to the fortress
Alba Iulia, Romania – The main entrance gate to the fortress

Alba Iulia is a medium size city in Romania which boasts lots of history dating all the way back to the Roman Empire.  The main attraction here is the Alba Iulia Fortress which dominates the center of town and contains most all tourist attractions in this town. Beautifully restored, Alba Iulia fortress is a beautiful place to visit.

In the summers, local hotels can be full, as Alba-Iulia is a great destination for tourists. We stayed at the centrally located Hotel Cetate, but you can also find other budget hotels in Alba-Iulia.

9. Oradea Fortress

Oradea, Romania - The old remains of the Oradea Fortress dating from the 14th century.
Oradea, Romania – Aerial view of Oradea Fortress which dates from the 14th century.
(photo by Vertigoro CC BY 2.5)
See my photos from Oradea

Oradea is a large city in Romania, full of history and beautiful buildings.  In the center of town however, you can find the large Oradea Fortres that resembles the fortresses at Alba Iulia and Fagaras. The difference however, is that the Oradea Fortress has not been restored completely as many parts of the fortress walls are in ruins.  Restoration work is well underway however, and the fortress can be easily visited.

As of 2019 the restoration work is mostly complete and Oradea Fortress is ready for visitors.

10. Poienari Fortress

Poenari Fortress, Romania - The old fortress walls and the valley below
Poenari Fortress, Romania – The old fortress walls and the valley below
See my photos from Poienari Fortress

Poienari is the actual castle built by the Hollywood famous Count Dracula. It is a medieval fortress that dominates the narrow gorges to the north and to the south of it. One of the mostly unknown castles in Romania, Poenari Fortress dominates the entire hilltop and narrow gorge, both North and South. This is the actual Dracula’s Castle instead of the touristy Bran Castle commonly associated with Dracula’s Castle from the famous Bram Stoker’s novel.

Today, only a few very old walls have survived, but the views from the top of the hill are well worth your time and efforts to climb the steep hill. At over 1000 stairs, the climb to visit Poenari Fortress will give you a great workout in addition to breathtaking views.

11. Târgoviște Fortress

Targoviste, Dambovita, Romania - Beautiful landscaping and the tower in the background.
Targoviste, Romania – The imposing Chindia Tower built in the 15th century by Vlad the Impaler
See my photos from Târgoviște

Targoviste is a large Romanian city with lots of history packed in a small area of the city. While Targoviste is has mostly old ugly communist type of apartment buildings, the large medieval complex is well worth your time to visit. In addition, the recently restored old town has a good number of cafes and restaurants, which complete this chic area.
Targoviste’s city symbol is the imposing Chindia Tower, built by Vlad the Impaler in the 15th century. This is an impressive medieval defense tower which makes my list of castles in Romania.

12. Porumbacu Fairies Castle

Porumbacu de Sus, Romania - Romanian girls dressed in traditional costumes at Faries Castle
Porumbacu de Sus, Romania – Romanian girls dressed in traditional costumes at Faries Castle
See my photos from Fairies Castle

The Fairies Castle in Porumbacu is a completely new creation. Built recently, the Fairies Castle resembles a world of fairies and legends. Located by the picturesque Porumbacu Creek, deep in the Transylvanian countryside, Porumbacu is a delightful weekend trip. The buildings were built only to be looked at from the outside as the insides are not visitable.

Located between Sibiu and Fagaras, the Clay Fairies Castle is a great stop while traveling through Romania.

Should you visit castles in Romania?

Of course yes! If you plan on visiting Romania make sure you include a visit to some of the castles I recommend. Entrance fee is always very cheap and the castles themselves are amazing places to visit. Since many Castles in Romania are located in remote areas, you need to be prepared to drive which is somewhat chaotic and very tiring.

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