6 Best Six Flags Magic Mountain Rides

Updated: November 23, 2019

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Crazanity roller coaster ride at night
Six flags Magic Mountain is a wonderful theme park filled with breathtaking coasters, mini games, and last but not least lots of family fun! Six flags is an ideal theme park for mainly children 10 and up, but there are still a variety of rides for younger kids also! The park tickets are conveniently priced and its location is acceptable. Come along with me as we explore the world’s most thrilling theme park!

Six Flags Magic Mountain is located in Valencia, California which is about 45 minutes north of Los Angeles. As with any large theme parks in Southern California, Six Flags is busy during the weekends and not so busy during the week. In this article I let my 12-year old daughter to tell you about her favorite Six Flags Magic Mountain rides. She will also tell you her hidden secrets for avoiding the crowds even on the weekends.

How to Get the Cheapest Tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain

The tickets can vary from $60-$90 which makes Magic Mountain one of the cheaper California’s pretty pricey theme parks.

If you really love the park, and come often, for up to $30 more dollars than a one day ticket, you can get a Season Pass, which allows you to go every day of the year, with no blackout dates! The fun doesn’t stop there yet either!

With a membership, under $8 a month you can also visit as many times as you want plus free parking!

The park also offers a summer reading program where you can get free tickets for kids. This is a great way to get cheap free tickets, but it requires some preparation.

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Entrance gate to the park
Six Flags Magic Mountain – Entrance gate to the park
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What is the best deal on Six Flags tickets?

If you are a local, then getting a season pass during one of their sales is your best bet as it allows you to visit as much as you want and it usually includes free parking.

If you are visiting out of town, start with the official Six Flags website first. It is difficult to beat their pecial pricing and sales.

Then, if you are a AAA member, check their special pricing on tickets through their website or visit a local AAA office.

All right…let’s talk about my favorite rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

1. X2

The best ride at Six Flags, in my opinion, X2 blasts you through loops, twists, drops, all while you’re spinning wildly in your seat! In my opinion it’s my favorite because, when you’re slowly inching up, getting ready for the drop, you’re not facing the track! Then you do the drop upside down!

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Orientation sign pointing to the various rides available
Six Flags Magic Mountain – Orientation sign pointing to the various rides available
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I recommend riding X2 at night, because at night there is fire! I recommend ages 12+. Must be at least 48 inches tall to ride X2.

2. Crazanity

Crazanity is an extremely thrilling ride and comes second in my list of best rides at Six Flags. This ride has earned the title of “world’s tallest pendulum ride”! With a whopping height of 170 feet tall, and it reaches 75 mph! As you get higher and higher, you really feel less and less gravity, and you feel like you’re floating! With a wonderful view of the world beneath you,and no ground below you, it clearly makes this ride one of a kind.

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Crazanity spinning wheel
Six Flags Magic Mountain – Crazanity spinning wheel
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I recommend ages 8+. You must be at least 52 inches tall to ride Crazanity.

3.  SUPERMAN: Escape From Krypton

Superman is an extremely fast, tall, and LOUD ride. While on this ride, you shoot backwards at 100 mph, and in 7 seconds you find yourself looking down at the park, 415 feet up in the air, then you zoom back down! I personally love this ride so much, and in fact it makes me laugh, because it looks so horrifyingly tall, but when i’m on it, it’s only 7 seconds long! I definitely think it’s a ride the whole family can enjoy!

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Superman ride entrance
Six Flags Magic Mountain – Superman ride entrance
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I recommend ages 7+. You must be at least 48 inches tall to ride Superman.

4. Twisted Colossus

Twisted Colossus is a fast paced double-track roller coaster with drops that turn their minds halfway through and curve inwards! When you are finished with many twists, loops, and drops, you are either pleased(or horrified) when you see that you are now slowly climbing up, getting ready for another drop! I personally enjoyed this ride because after all of those twists, I thought we would be done, but instead in front of me, I see another track, and in front of that, I see even more twists, loops, and drops!
I recommend ages 11+. Must be at least 48 inches tall to ride Twisted Colossus.

5. Riddler’s Revenge

The Riddler’s Revenge is a fun, one of a kind stand up roller coaster. You zoom through corkscrews, loops, and drops, while standing up! I love this ride because it’s so breathtaking, thrilling,and exhilarating, and if you’re like me, you’ll love this ride!

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Tracks for the Riddler's Revenge roller coaster ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain – Tracks for the Riddler’s Revenge roller coaster ride
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I recommend ages 11+. You must be at least 54 inches tall to ride Riddler’s Revenge.

6. Roller Coasters for small children

Alright, you can STILL go to Six Flags with kids under the age of ten, so don’t be sad that all my recommendations for the age group might not fit your child’s age group, but there’s still a small children’s area, filled with small roller coasters which are very fun( I know they’re fun from experience), play areas, food, and one of the rides even takes pictures of the riders while they are on the roller coaster! In my opinion, this area would make small kids feel like “big kids” because many of the rides in Magic Mountain have just been made into a slower and smaller for the younger ones to have the same experience as everyone else!

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Batmobile on display near Batman the Ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain – Batmobile on display near Batman the Ride
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How To Avoid the Crowds and Make the Most of Your Magic Mountain Trip

So, you’re going to Magic Mountain!? Well, get your family and go! However, usually the only time you’re available is a Saturday. The crowds get extremely large at Magic Mountain on the weekend, but no need to fear! Because with these helpful tips, even on a crowded Saturday you can ride some of the best rides in the park! So buckle up, and here we go!

DC Universe entrance sign
DC Universe section entrance sign
See my photos from Six Flags Magic Mountain

Here are some of my hidden secrets for making the most from your weekend trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

  • Arrive thirty minutes before the park even opens and get in line. There is usually already a line of people waiting at the gate already, so get in line, and wait, there are benches and restrooms, but the time passes quickly enough.
  • Once you have entered the park, try to speed walk or just walk to the back of the park. (You may want a Magic Mountain map for this).
  • Locate the ride “Twisted Colossus” on your map, and go there first. This  is quite a popular Magic Mountain ride, and the lines can get VERY long during the day. However, if you go on this ride right when the park opens, there will be literally NO line, and I mean it!
  • After that ride is finished continue walking, and then you will reach the “DC Universe”. In that section of the park you will find some of my favorite Magic Mountain rides: “Batman the Ride” and “Riddler’s Revenge”. There will also be little waiting there also, so enjoy those!
  • Then keep walking and you’ll see another one of my favorite ride: “Crazanity”. Since this is Magic Mountain’s newest ride, it gets very crowded, but with this “Early in the Day” tip, you’ll go on it without much waiting.
  • Continue this pattern until you circle back to the front of the park. By this time there will not be a huge line for “Full Throttle”, because by the end of the day, everyone is now at the back of the park!

Is it Worth Visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain?

Overall Six Flags Magic Mountain, is one of the best theme parks in California, especially for thrill seekers! Thank you for reading this article, and I hope it helps you plan your visit.

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