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9 Best Places to Visit in Liverpool, England

Many tourists are drawn to the attractions of London and the South, but one thing I’ve learned from my travels across the UK is that the North of England offers just as many sights and sounds — without the swarms of tourists. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the City of Liverpool. Boasting charming coastal scenery, historic streets, lovely people, and great food, this city on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary offers an authentic British experience.

Liverpool’s history as a major port makes it not only a hub for culture and diversity, but also a great start-off point for visitors looking to discover the rest of Northern England. So if you’re unsure about adventuring further up North, then Liverpool is a good place to start. Here are 10 best places to visit in Liverpool. A visit to this bustling city will introduce you to the North of England.

Aerial view of Liverpool port area
Liverpool, England – Aerial view of port area
Author: LivingOS

1. Pier Head

Liverpool England - Pier Head
Liverpool England – Pier Head
Author: Chowells

Any list of best places to visit in Liverpool won’t be complete without the Pier Head, a riverside location near the city center. Take a walk along the waterfront to take in the city skyline and the ferry. Alternatively, the Liverpool Echo also recommends heading over to Pier Head Village for food, live music, vintage stalls, lots of activities, and even a bar on the man-made beach. I went in June and made the rookie mistake of forgetting my umbrella, so be sure to prepare for rain, even during the summer months!

Liverpool, England - Statue of Beatles at Pier HeadLiverpool, England – The Beatles Statue near Pier Head
Author: Loz Pycock

2. The Beatles Story Museum

Liverpool, England - The Beatles Story museum entrance
Liverpool, England – The Beatles Story museum entrance

My list of 9 best places to visit in Liverpool continues with The Beatles. They are, of course, a huge part of British culture, with Liverpool being nearly synonymous with the fab four. From the Pier Head, pay a visit to this well-loved museum for £16.95 (roughly $22) and see historical Beatles items and interactive recreations of Abbey Road Studios and The Cavern Club, among others.

3. Strawberry Field

Liverpool, England - Strawberry Fields
Liverpool, England – Strawberry Fields

Hardcore fans of The Beatles would definitely need to book a side trip to this former Salvation Army children’s home in Woolton. I did — and although there’s not much to see at the moment and most visitors just stop for a picture at the gates, I had to suppress a few tears for my departed hero. It was here that John Lennon used to escape to in his childhood, and plenty of fans have since come and paid their respects. Last I heard, there are plans of opening the area as a training center for young people with special needs, as well as an exhibition for Beatles fans.

4. Anfield Stadium

Liverpool England, Anfield Stadium
Liverpool, England – Anfield Statium
Author: LovelyLeftFoot

Perhaps the only thing that can rival The Beatles in popularity, football (soccer) is a well-loved sport in Liverpool and the rest of the UK. In truth, the city has nearly a dozen football clubs, with Anfield Stadium being the current home of the famous Liverpool FC. The stadium has over 50,000 seats, and has been around since 1892. It’s also pretty accessible, and hungry football fans can enjoy a variety of food kiosks throughout the area. If you’re feeling a little fancy, the Boot Room Sports Café offers great gourmet food that even casual fans can definitely savor.

5. Walker Art Gallery

Liverpool England - Walker Art Gallery
Liverpool England – Walker Art Gallery
Author: SomeDriftwood

If you’re looking to get a dose of local culture and art, then a free trip to the Walker Art Gallery along William St. is a good choice. The artworks here date back to the 14th century, but The Guardian notes that the highlight of the gallery is its exhibits on the pre-Raphaelites. These are the Liverpool-based brotherhood of artists that defined art in Northern England and the UK as a whole in the 19th century.

6. The Monro

Liverpool, England - The Monro
Liverpool, England – The Monro
Author: Rodhullandemu

A lot of gastropubs will promise you the best pub food of your life and sadly, many disappoint. The Monro isn’t one of those places. I’d recommend what I had — a delightful Sunday roast, with crayfish and avocado starter — but the staff had said that the menu is constantly changing. Be sure to ask what the chef recommends for the day, sit back, and enjoy your meal.

7. Peter Kavanagh’s

Liverpool, England - Peter Kavanagh's pub
Liverpool, England – Peter Kavanagh’s pub
Author: Paul Holloway

Small but filled to the brim with character, this eccentric pub easily stands out in a city full of great pubs. Decorated with dangling jars, chamber pots, violins, wireless sets, and even a witch on a broomstick, Peter Kavanagh’s along Egerton Street is a must-see.

8. Outhouse

Liverpool, England - Outhouse
Liverpool, England – Outhouse
Author: Gerry in Art

Tucked among surrounding woodlands along Menlove Avenue, Outhouse is a public artwork designed by Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier in 2005. The structure itself can be entered and used for community activities, but even empty it stands as a stunning piece of public art. Unlike a normal house, the walls of the enclosure are made of transparent glass and the “windows” are opaque. At night, the structure is lit underneath by neon red light.

9. Radio City Tower

Liverpool, England - Radio City Tower
Liverpool, England – Radio City Tower
Author: Mike Peel

Last but not least is the Radio City Tower, a defining building in the Liverpool skyline and a fantastic place to see all of Liverpool from 400 feet above ground. From that dizzying height, I could see North Wales, Merseyside, and even as far as the Cumbrian Hills — making the trip well worth the £5 (roughly $6.51) ticket.

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Is Liverpool Worth Visiting?

Although football and Beatles fans like me often think it unnecessary to ask, the question of whether it is worth visiting Liverpool is a valid one. It is, after all, a little far from most people’s bucket-list attractions towards the south near London — four hours by car or two hours via express train. However, the tourist draws, sans the hordes of tourists every year, are very much worth the travel time and effort, as is the insights into the rest of northern England.

The best time to visit is during the summer months of June, July, and August. I traveled to Liverpool in June and while the aforementioned rain was an issue during the day, the weather was generally pleasant. Autumns are also known to be mild and a good time to visit.

Meanwhile, those traveling with family will also find that it’s an excellent place for a break, as I saw a lot of family-friendly activities during my trip. Liverpool is said to have more parks than Paris, and most attractions are, as aforementioned, family-friendly and come with areas that are designed for young ones. Family ferries and zoos are also great places to spend an entire day with family.

About the author: Mary Rosie is a Cardiff-based marketing consultant with a passion for travelling and discovering the wonderful in the seemingly mundane. She loves writing about the different and fascinating areas to visit in the UK. And when she’s not working or on the road, she enjoys baking and reading.

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