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7 Best Things to do At Legoland California

If you or your kids love Legos then LEGOLAND is the right place for you! Or, if you love theme parks in general you will love Legoland the most! If you have kids, this is the perfect place for them as well. As a large theme park, Legoland is designed to be an all day event for you and your family, providing entertainment for kids and adults alike. We have visited Legoland several times and loved it every time we went. I have asked my ten years old daughter to tell you about the main attractions at Legoland.

What to Expect at Legoland California

The Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl made from Lego pieces on display at Legoland California
The Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl made from Lego pieces on display at Legoland California
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Like any major theme park, Legoland has plenty of rides that look like they were made of Legos, and there is a section of the park called Lego Duplo for kids 5 and under. Lego Duplo area includes a playground that looks like it was made of Lego Duplos, and a little train ride that will take you to a small Lego garden! And if you have children 6 and up, there are a lot of areas for building Legos, watching 3D shows, and a small food court with a couple of gift shops here and there. If you get tired during the day there are a lot of benches too!

With this brief introduction to this theme park, let’s explore our best things to do at Legoland, California.

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1. Coastersoarus

Coastersoarus was by far the most thrilling ride at Legoland. This ride takes all of its riders by surprise! You slowly escalate but then drop at a sharp angle which surprises everyone on the ride! This ride for sure suits the whole family, and will leave everyone with a smile on their face.

2. LEGO Technic

Riding the Lego Technic at Legoland
Riding the Lego Technic at Legoland

Lego Technic is a ride that looks a lot “scarier” than it is. With it’s iconic drop and the ride carts designed to look like Lego Technic pieces. This ride is designed for you to feel like you are in a race, with its sky-high twisting and turning. This ride is sure to make long lasting memories for the whole family.

3. Lego Ninjago: 4D Show

Grab a pair of 3D glasses and take a seat for a captivating 4D show including, bubbles, water, and smoke!  While watching this show you feel like your ninja training with all of the iconic Lego Ninjago characters. This is an attraction everyone can enjoy, and even small infants can be brought into the auditorium.

4. Story Brook

Story Brook takes visitors into a slow story world filled with favorite characters
Story Brook takes visitors into a slow story world filled with favorite characters
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Story Brook is a One-of-a-kind boat ride that is suitable for all ages, shapes, and sizes. Hop into a leaf shaped boat and feel yourself gliding through the water. Around you on all sides, you will spot life-like fairy tale stories made from genuine Lego pieces! At the end of the ride you can see how all the characters lived after their “Happily-Ever After”… I won’t spoil it!

5. Deep Sea Adventure

Lego Deep Sea Adventure is the newest addition to the Legoland California Resort. Step into a “submarine” that fits up to 12 passengers. Then look outside and spot as many gems and treasures as you can. This ride does actually make the rider feel like they are riding in a submarine, and the fish are absolutely superb! They are very colorful and unique.

6. Miniland USA

Legoland, California - New York skyscrapers all made of legos
New York skyscrapers all made of Lego pieces
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Miniland at Legoland is my favorite on our list of best things to do at Legoland. Even though we visited Legoland several times, I am always discovering new details when walking through Miniland. From the glistening Las Vegas Strip to the skyscrapers of New York, Miniland presents famous US cities and landmarks in a miniature size.
The big constructions, as the New York skyscrapers, seem to be made from at least 100,000.

Legoland is every young Lego builder’s dream. With interactive activities like building, too riding the Lego Dragon Coaster, this park is jam-packed with fun for all ages! So buckle up or get building! Cause here are the best things to do at Legoland California.

7. Lego Constructions

Legoland, California - Large colorful spider made from legos
Large colorful spider made from Lego pieces
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As the name implies, Legoland California is all about LEGO pieces and everything that has to do with them. There are beautiful, large Lego constructions at Legoland that are a must see! They are everywhere! Animals, cities, Star Wars scenes and even humans all made from thousands of Lego pieces! You name it and you will see it made from Legos!

The smallest constructions, like a fish or a spider, are built from at least 1000 Lego pieces. The medium sized constructions, as a cottage or small house, are made from at least 6000 pieces. They also have some extra-large constructions, such as a life sized pig, a life sized cow, a life sized giraffe, and a life sized deer. These are hard to estimate as to how many Lego pieces they have used.

Legoland for Smaller Children

Legoland, California - The Fun Town Police and Fire Academy attraction
Legoland, California – The Fun Town Police and Fire Academy attraction
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The rides are very, very creative because they look as if someone built the rides with Legos! There are also rides for children 5 years old and under which has a train ride, a “license plate” area (near the train) that kids can ride in small cars that has a stoplight for kids to learn how to stop and go there are stop signs and people made of Legos on a small sidewalk!

Legoland, California - The Sky Cruiser track and car seen from the Safari Trek track
The Sky Cruiser ride seen from the Safari Trek track
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Once you exit the 5 and under section there will be a section for girls 5 and up it is called HEART LAKE CITY! It has a ride called, “Mia’s round up”, which features a merry go round. Next to the round up is a Lego building section for boys, since the girls will be somewhere else. The girls will probably be watching the Lego Friends performance, which features 5 girls who show the audience how to dance and sing! This entire area is under construction in 2020 and will be replaced with a new zone based on the new Lego Movies.

This theme park, like any other Southern California theme park, tries to add new attractions all the time to attract more visitors. They constantly remove and add new attractions as to move with the times. Large and small attractions are scattered everywhere around the park.

Legoland, California - Remote control boats can be driven on the small lake
Remote control boats can be driven on the small lake inside Legoland
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Star Wars Has Become Legoland History

Starting January 6, 2020, Legoland has removed all Star Wars related items throughout the park. Star Wars displays and attractions used to represent a very large part of the entire theme park. There were large scale displays with favorite scenes from the Star Wars movies. Our family loved this part of the park.

Legoland, California - Amazing Star Wars scene from the invasion of planet Naboo. It is all recreated from LEGO pieces
Legoland, California – Amazing Star Wars scene from the invasion of planet Naboo. It is all recreated from Lego pieces.
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The large scale Star Wars scenes resembled the Lego sets that can be found on the market with the obvious difference that the Star Wars scenes at Legoland are thousands of times larger and more complex. They showed amazing care and attention to details.

Legoland, California - Luke Skywalker made from legos
Luke Skywalker made from Lego pieces at Legoland
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Plan Your Trip to Legoland California

Stay near Legoland. If you are planning a trip to this area you can find budget hotels in Carlsbad, California. Or if you are planning a trip to the larger San Diego area, you can look for value hotels in the San Diego area.

How long does it take to visit Legoland? Just like a visit to Disneyland, a trip to Legoland will require an entire day. If you would like to see the whole place quickly, it would take you at least 3 to 4 hours. Remember that this is an expensive place so packing your own snacks and lunch will save you lots of money even though they do have lots restaurants to choose from. It is VERY crowded on the weekends so if you can, try to go on week days. The lines for the rides during the week are at the most 45 minutes. If you have little ones try to not bring them in the summer because it could get really hot there and really tiring for them.

Download a Legoland Map and get familiar with it before visiting. This way you know which areas to focus on and know how to plan your visit.

Is Legoland California Worth Visiting?

It is very much worth visiting Legoland especially if you are Lego lovers or if you have kids that love Legos! Even if you are new to Legos you will learn about them when you go to Legoland! I love visiting Legoland and every time we went it was a great experience for me.

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