A quaint tour of Soave, Italy

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Soave, Italy - Beautiful Soave Castle seen on the hill from the village below. Soave, Italy was a small village that we knew nothing about when we visited Italy. We simply saw it from the freeway and decided to stop…and we were glad we did it. It is definitely a very old small village with an impressive castle and beautiful views of the surrounding country side. Soave, Italy is a delightful day trip from Verona or Lake Garda. The stairs leading to the castle provide beautiful views all around the area and the surrounding hills are simply beautiful with grape vines stretching in all directions. Read more about visiting Soave.

This short tour of Soave, Italy is part of my 1 week tour of Northern Italy.

    Series: 1 week in Northern Italy.

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What to expect when visiting Soave, Italy?

Soave is a small medieval village in Northern Italy. It is completely surrounded by the tall and beautifully preserved walls of Soave Castle. Soave is located right next to the A4 motorway which runs from Milano to Venice. Being so close to the freeway, most people are impressed by the awesome castle and fortifications than can be seen clearly from the freeway. Having seen the magnificent Soave Castle on our way from Milan to Venice, the first time we drove through, we decided on our way back to Milan we will try to stop and do a short tour of Save so we could see this beautiful castle closer. Thus, on our way to Milan from Venice, after stopping in Padova, we existed the freeway to visit this beautiful small village called Soave.

Impressive Soave, Italy seen from the A4 motorway.
Impressive Castello Scaligero (Soave Castle) and surrounding walls and towers seen from the A4 motorway.
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My favorite tourist attractions in Soave

We knew we only had a couple of hours to visit Soave, so we focused on getting to Soave Castle (Castello Scaligero), since this was the most visible and impressive sight.

  • Castello Scaligero (or Soave Castle). If you have the time, it is a beautiful walk up the hill from the town center all the way up to Soave Castle. Even though it’s very visible, Soave is out of the way and not many tourists stop by. If you decide to stop, please note that the castle is closed on Mondays.
  • Italian countryside views. Drive or walk to the castle side entrance and admire the beautiful view of the Italian countryside.

Soave is also very close to Verona and can make a great day trip from anywhere in the area. So, whether you’re visiting Lake Garda or Verona, Soave is a great stop for half a day.

Castello Scaligero (Soave Castle) is impressive

As we started our tour of Soave, we were impressed how Soave Castle stands out from the Italian countryside. When you see these large and majestic castle walls on the hill by the freeway, that’s Soave. A short drive from the freeway exit will take you right to the town of Soave where you will be face to face with these impressive walls.

Soave, Italy - Beautiful Soave Castle seen on the hill from the village below. The castle is a military bulding typical for the Veneto area of Italy.
Beautiful Soave Castle seen on the hill from the village below. The castle is a military building typical for the Veneto area of Italy.
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Since we didn’t have much time, we decided to simply do a short driving tour of Soave around the castle and get closer to it to admire its walls and towers. Castello Scaligero is impressive indeed and it is arguably the best preserved medieval castle in the entire Veneto area. Having driven around the castle we found ourselves on the top of the hill where the castle was locate. This position gave us a beautiful view almost all the way around.

Soave gives you a great view of the Italian countryside

As we got off the freeway and drove toward Soave, we got closer and closer to the impressive Soave Castle. The village was also great to drive through since it boasts very old buildings and gates. Since our kids were sleeping in the car we decided to drive to the top of the hill rather than taking the beautiful stairs to the castle. Our short driving tour of Soave was great and we got to see some beautiful Italian country side views with grape vines and trees and red roofed houses.

Beautiful Soave Castle seen on the hill from the village below
Beautiful Italian countryside with grapevines seen from the Soave Castle hill top.
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Is it worth visiting Soave, Italy?

We loved our short driving tour of Soave and we were very impressed by this beautiful old castle. Even though the Soave Castle (Castello Scaligero) was closed, we really enjoyed the views and the feeling of the village. Soave is worth your time if you are in the Verona or Padova areas, or you are driving toward Venice and you have a few hours to spare.

My best tips for visiting Soave, Italy

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