A slow walking tour of Bath, England

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One of my favorite day trips from London is Bath Somerset. Much of southern England is flat, having very little interesting topography. Bath on the other hand has beautiful rolling hills that set it apart from the surrounding area. A great geographical location coupled with just over two hours drive from London make Bath an easy day trip fro London.

What to expect on your Bath walking tour

We came to Bath after visiting Stonehenge and driving through South England where the terrain is mostly flat with no interesting geographical features. Thus, when we arrived in Bath, we took the two-story bus from one of the parking areas outside of town. We took a seat upfront on the upper deck and we loved the ride into town because we came down one of the nearby hills which gave us a beautiful view of the city and its surrounding hills. Here is a summary of our Bath walking tour.

The Bath Abbey is impressive.

The Roman Baths Museum is unique and worth your time.

Plutney Bridge over River Avon is a very pretty sight near the Parade Gardens.

Walking up Royal Avenue through Victoria Park towards the Royal Crescent. Relax on the lawn in front of the Royal Crescent

The Green Square with the Jane Austen Museum.

Bath walking tour map
Bath walking tour map
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Bath Abbey is a great place to start

We started our Bath walking tour around Bath Abbey. This is a great cathedral and it’s well worth your time to go visit it. It is also a great starting point for your visit to Bath as it is located centrally among most of the other tourist attractions.

Bath, England - The Bath Abbey with the Roman Baths building on the right.
Bath, England – The Bath Abbey with the Roman Baths building on the right.
See my photos from Bath

Visit the Roman Baths Museum

We continued our Bath walking tour right next to Bath Abbey where you find the Roman Baths Museum. We found the museum to be very interesting and worth our time. It provides an unexpected window in time all the way to the time of the Roman Empire and it shows you what leisure time used to look like during the Roman Empire. Even our children loved to walk among the ruins and the pools with green water. They even enjoyed having us read to them some of the signs that were explaining the ruins.

Bath, England - View of the main bath pool.
Bath, England – View of the main pool.
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The Roman Baths Museum closes somewhat early from what I remember…around 4pm…so you might want to go see it earlier in the day.

Pluteney Bridge and North Parade Garden

Walking behind Bath Abbey to North Parade Street, we continued our Bath walking tour. We found a small beautiful garden called North Parade Gardens. Then up the street on Pierppont Street we continued walking towards Pluteney Bridge over River Avon. There are some beautiful views of the bridge and River Avon. You can then just cross over the bridge and back. It’s a very famous bridge with old shops on the entire length of the bridge.

Bath, England - Pulteney Bridge and Weir is one of four bridges in the world having shops on the full span of the bridge.
Bath, England – Pulteney Bridge is one of four bridges in the world having shops on the full span of the bridge.
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Pulteney Bridge resembles the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) from Florence, Italy.

The Royal Crescent

Walking up to the Royal Crescent on Royal Avenue through Victoria park is my favorite walk in Bath. There are always flowers in the park and if it happens to be sunny, you will find lots of people relaxing on the beautiful green lawn in front of the Royal Crescent.

Bath, England - Pulteney Bridge and Weir is one of four bridges having shops on the full span of the bridge.
Bath, England – The Royal Crescent lawn is a favorite area for locals to relax and play sports.
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If you have time, you will probably enjoy a visit to the Royal Crescent #1 Museum. Decorated with 18th century furniture and adornments it is the perfect complement to your visit at Bath.

Is it worth visiting Bath, England?

We loved our Bath walking tour, especially after walking through London. We actually coupled our visit to Bath with a stop at Stonehenge as well. Bath is a great day trip from London and it provides a great break from the business and congestion of London. We loved it!

My best resources for planning your trip to Bath, England

Bath has easy access via train and freeway from London. We came from London in the morning to visit Stonehenge and from there we drove to Bath.
As with most old towns in England, it is very difficult to find parking near the old town center. So we parked in one of the large parking lots on the outskirts of town. We took a bus from there which dropped us off right in the middle of town. It was very convenient.

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