Simple Hawaii vacation planning for the first time visitor

Updated: December 15, 2018

Hawaii offers tourist destinations like nowhere else in the world. It is a place everybody dreams off touring at least once in their life time and those lucky to make it there simply never get enough of it. It has some of the world’s most beautiful oceans and land features. Everything about Hawaii is just wonderful with its mild tropical climates, rich cultural heritage, great beaches, friendly locates,delicious food and unforgettable shopping experience.

Visiting Hawaii for the first time is hard…there are too many amazing places to visit in these tropical islands.  However, in this article I will explore a simple Hawaii vacation planning checklist that should give you some great ideas.  My favorite island for the first time visitor to Hawaii, is Oahu, but if you have more than a week to spend, you can definitely visit the other islands as well.

Discover the famous places in Hawaii

Hawaii has a lot to offer when it comes to beautiful scenery. Here are some of the places you might get a chance to visit if you choose Hawaii as your next destination. These places are highlights on my simple Hawaii vacation planning checklist, and this this is not complete of course.

World-famous Waikiki Beach is located in Honolulu on the island Oahu. Waikiki was once a recreational area for Hawaiian royalties and consists of world class resorts, entertainment, shopping and dining among others. It’s not famous for nothing, so it’s a must see destination for anyone visiting Hawaii for the first time.

Kauai film sets. This is where films such as Jurassic Park and South Pacific were filmed. Some of the features you can’t afford to miss here include green, tranquil bays, wonderful beaches, waterfall and rustic country life. If tranquility is what you’re looking for, Kauai will deliver it because it is out of the way from most tourists.

Hawaii is famous for its pristine beaches and warm ocean water
 Hawaii is famous for its pristine beaches and warm ocean water
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Also located at Waikiki Beach, Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium are perfect for a family trip. Other notable places within the vicinity of Waikiki include Pearl Harbor, Iolani Palace, the Nuuanu Pali Lookout, Kapahulu, China Town, Ala Moana Center and Hanauma Bay.

Maui beaches. My first visit to these golden-sand beaches left me breathless. I had never seen any other beach like this. The coastlines are just stunning and filled with beautiful flowers and birds. There are many other activities available such as: whale watching and visiting the nearby glamorous resorts.

Explore local Hawaii life in Molokai. A visit to Molokai gives you the clearest view of the traditional Hawaiian lifestyle. This place is popular for hiking, mule train riding and prop plane flying.

How to start your Hawaii vacation planning

You Hawaii vacation planning checklist must include some of the unique activities found only here. Hawaii is a great place to try some ocean activities that you would not normally do anywhere else. If you do some of these different activities, you will have a memorable visit to Hawaii. Here are some activities I suggest for making your visit to Hawaii memorable:

Blue water Rafting. This will give you the opportunity to snorkel with an amazingly beautiful array of fish, dolphin and sea turtles as you explore sea caves and lava arches.

Blue Sea Cruises. This was my best travel experience ever. We got to watch a whale, a manta and dolphins in a Glass Bottom Boat cruise. This was unbelievable.

Hawaii is the best place for trying out snorkeling and diving. The warm waters and the abundance of sea life make for great sea activities
Hawaii is the best place for trying out snorkeling and diving. The warm waters and the abundance of sea life make for great sea activities
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Sport fishing. Offered by many tour boat companies, sport fishing provides a unique experience in Hawaii.

Hawaii has great food

Hawaii has some of the best food to offer, and therefore you have to include it on your Hawaii vacation planning checklist. For example, the Big Island Candies offered me the best of candies I ever had. All the chocoholics of all ages and tastes will instantly fall in love with them. Some of the best here include macadamia nuts cookies, Mocha, Hibiscus, Yuzu, and Coconut among many others. Perhaps you should just have a taste of this by yourself and live to tell the story.

Is it worth visiting Hawaii?

A tour to Hawaii will be an amazing experience and I can assure you that with a great deal of confidence backed with experience. You just need to plan early do a thorough research so that you include all your best destinations and sites in your tour guide list. You will also need to make early reservation in some of the places and hotels given that there are just so many tourists all year round in Hawaii.

About the author: This article is a guest post by Victoria James. Victoria is a travel blogger and a writer from London who loves to express her recent journeys. She writes articles for blogs and websites during her free time.

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