Day trip from Brussels to Huizingen Domein

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We visited Huizingen Domein on a beautiful, sunny spring day. We were in Bruxelles for a long weekend and because we don’t like the city very much, we decided to head out. That was a great decision! The entrance to the park was a little difficult to find because our GPS was a little confused. However, once we paid the admission fee and got inside we really enjoyed the place. The great mix between historical buildings, beautifully groomed grounds and lots of activities, made our visit to Huizingen be something we remember. Come along with us on a daytrip from Brussels to Huizingen Domain.

Huizingen Domein is one of our surprising day trips from Brussels. We came here with our kids and some family members, and we all had a good time. Expect to walk a lot around this beautiful domain. So, come along with me on a day trip from Brussels to Huizingen Domein.

My favorite tourist attractions at Huizingen Domein

  • See my photos from The Huizingen Domein
  • Admire the history – Huizingen Castle and the other historical buildings are beautiful.
  • Relax in the large gardens – Huizingen Domain is very large and it has miles and miles of trails that wind their way through beautiful flower arrangements and gardens.
  • Be entertained with the many activities available for the entire family. Huizingen has swimming pools, play grounds, a small zoo and lots of sports facilities

Take your time to admire the historical buildings at the Huizingen Domain

There is a lot of history at Huizingen. The first castle of Huizingen was erected in the 15th century. Starting in the mid 19th century, the domain has been enlarged and has become one of the most beautiful parks in Belgium. The Province of Brabant bought the castle and park in the early 20th century from its owner. Since then the domain has been slowly enlarged even more and reconstructed.

Huizingen Domein - Huizingen Castle and water fountain seen from the front.
Huizingen Castle and water fountain seen from the front.
See my photos from Huizingen Domein

So, take your time to walk around and look at the buildings at the entrance of the park. These are the old buildings on the domain.

Walk through the beautiful gardens at Huizingen Domain

The gardens at Huizingen are gorgeous. We went there in the spring and most of the flowers where blooming which was extra special for us. There are many trails that go through the flower arrangements and through the forest. We wish we would have had more time to enjoy the gardens, but our kids really wanted to play so went to one of the large playgrounds for them.

Huizingen Domein, Beersel, Belgium - Huizingen Domain boasts many beautifully arranged gardens.
Huizingen Domein boasts many beautifully arranged gardens.
See my photos from Huizingen Domein

The Huizingen Domein has lots of games and activities available

At the Huizingen Domein you will find lots of activities for the entire family. There are swimming pools, tennis fields plus other sport facilities. We enjoyed a game of miniature golf which involved the entire family. The kids really liked the small zoo that has deer, goats and lots of birds to admire.

Huizingen Domain, Beersel, Belgium - Beautiful red bird on display at Huizingen Domain animal park.
Beautiful red bird on display at Huizingen Domain animal park.
See my photos from Huizingen Domein

How to drive to Huizingen Domein from Brussels

To get there take exit 20 on the ring road that goes around Brussels (Brussel-Bergen-Paris or the R0). It will take you under 30 minutes from Bruxelles and it is right past the town of Beersel.

Map of the Huizingen Domain near Bruxelles, Belgium

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My best resources for planning a day trip from Brussels to Huizingen Domein

Find budget hotels in the Waloon Brabant region of Belgium.
The Huizingen Provincial domain can be visited every day from 9am until sunset. Here is a local Belgian site with more information about the attractions in the park.
Get to Huizingen by train from Brussels. If you start in Brussels Midi you have to change trains, but the ride is short and easy.

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