A beautiful walking tour of Treviso, Italy

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Old building in TrevisoTreviso is a city in the region of Veneto in Northern Italy. Because Treviso is so close to Venice it gets bypassed by tourists because Venice is such a hot tourist attraction. This makes Treviso a quiet town to visit with plenty of historical buildings and attractions. We definitely enjoyed walking through its narrow streets and admiring the many old buildings scattered all over the town. Treviso boasts a large university and it is also an important industrial city. All this makes Treviso a worthwhile tourist attraction…if you have already seen Venice.

This walking tour of Treviso is part of my 1 week tour of Northern Italy.

    Series: 1 week in Northern Italy.

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What to expect when visiting Treviso?

If I could summarize our walking tour of Treviso in one word, it would be: surprise. We came here in the middle of the summer and it was hot. My wife had some trouble with her stomach and was not feeling too well, so we decided to take it easier and go to Treviso which was closer to the Venice area where we were staying. We assumed there is not much to see here and that we would be able to get back quicker for her to rest. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we found plenty of tourist attractions here. In addition, because of its proximity to Venice, Treviso is not a very popular tourist attraction which made the whole town not be crowded at all. Overall, this place gave us a great feeling of surprise and relaxation.

Beautiful view of the river Sile running through one of the many canals.
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My favorite tourist attractions in Treviso, Italy

Palazzo dei Trecento and Piazza dei Signori – this is pretty much the center of of the old town and the headquarters of the world famous company Benetton.
Il Duomo is a beautiful church that is worth visiting
Il Muro are the remains of the old medieval wall that used to protect the old fortress. There are several old gates still standing that are worth seeing.

Walking tour map of Treviso, Italy
Walking tour map of Treviso, Italy
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Palazzo dei Trecento

Once we parked our rental car in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore we started our walking tour of Treviso on Via Carlo Alberto towards the Palazzo dei Trecento which is pretty much the center of the old town. We enjoyed the narrow streets and bridges and we finally made it. Walking through the streets was enjoyable because the city was pretty clean and definitely not crowded at all.

Old buildings and cafes near Palazzo dei Trecento
Old buildings and restaurants near Palazzo dei Trecento
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Piazza del Duomo

After admiring the old buildings and the new Benetton headquarter building we continued our walking tour of Treviso on Via Calmaggiore down towards the large Battistero di San Giovanni building in Piazza del Duomo.

Treviso, Italy - Piazza del Duomo and the Dome in Treviso.
Piazza del Duomo and the Dome in Treviso
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Is it worth visiting Treviso?

If you haven’t visited Venice and the beautiful islands of Murano and Burano, then don’t visit Treviso. However, if you have a few extra days in the Venice area, then Treviso will be a nice day trip from Venice.
So, is it worth visiting this city? It is definitely not a first tourist destination especially being in the Venice area, but it has its own appeal that will leave you surprised.

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