Malibu, California – Beautiful California coast at Point Dume

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Point Dume Malibu, CaliforniaPoint Dume in Malibu, California is a very small place. It doesn't really come up in conversations about California except for those who live in Southern California. Point Dume is a favorite place for locals especially in the winter months because it is right on the migration path for gray and blue whales as they travel north to Alaska. Between January and April, Point Dume is one of the few spots on the land where you can actually get to see some whales in addition to dolphins and other sea creatures.

My favorite tourist attractions at Point Dume, Malibu, California

  • Walk or hike to the Point Dume Park area. Just take in the scenery and look far out for whales and dolphins.
  • Go down the stairs to the beach located on the left side of Point Dume. You can only reach this beach from on top at Point Dume.
  • Walk around the streets surrounding Point Dume and enjoy the cozy upscale California beach houses and their beautifully groomed gardens.

The Pacific Ocean is the star at Point Dume

We went to Point Dume on a very sunny January weekend in the hope to see some whales. We didn’t…but we had a great time.

Amazing view of the Santa Monica Bay at Point Dume.
Malibu, California - Amazing view of the Santa Monica Bay at Point Dume.
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Beautiful beach and abundant sea life at Point Dume

After admiring the beautiful views from Point Dume we walked down the stairs to Point Dume State Beach which is located to the left of the park. There we got to see lots of dolphins playing around right by the shoreline. Our kids also enjoyed walking through the many tide pools and looking at all the star fish and other sea creatures.

Sun reflecting in beautiful blue water near Point Dume State Beach.
Malibu, California - Sun reflecting in beautiful blue water at Point Dume.
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