Avila Beach is the perfect California beach town

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The mountains around San Luis Obispo Bay area hide Avila Beach very well. But if you’re willing to get off the beaten path and get off the freeway you will be rewarded greatly with stunning views of the ocean and a relaxed atmosphere in one of the little known California beach towns. Avila Beach, California is the perfect beach town. It’s small, clean and simply beautiful!

My favorite things to see at Avila Beach, California

Enjoy the beach and the water.

What do you do in a beach town? Well, you go to the beach. The sand at Avila Beach is very fine and it’s very pleasant to walk on. If you get a sunny day, just sit on the sand and enjoy the sun and the water and take in the natural beauty of San Luis Obispo Bay. It’s just stunning!

Avila Beach, California - The beach and pier at Avila Beach.
The beach and pier at Avila Beach.
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Our children enjoyed very much the children’s park that’s right on the beach next to the pier. It has swings and slides and other “toys” for active kids. In addition, just off Front Street, there is an additional park for children that has more stuff for kids to do and bounce on. These will certainly wear down your children and hopefully fall asleep in the car for the ride back home.

Walk around on Front Street and sample the local restaurants

Avila Beach is a small town…I mean really small! If you’re at the beach then you have pretty much seen everything there is to see in Avila Beach. However, if can also relax and have lunch or dinner at one of the few restaurants that line up Front Street. You will enjoy good food and beautiful scenery. The restaurants on Front Street are obviously more expensive than the ones you find on the few side streets. So, the choice is yours, depending on your budget.

Avila Beach, California - Street cafes and palm trees line up Front Street at Avila Beach.
Street cafes and palm trees line up Front Street at Avila Beach.
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Drive to Cave Landing and enjoy amazing views of the San Luis Obispo Bay

Either on the way to Avila Beach, or when you leave Avila Beach, you will notice a steep road off Avila Beach Drive. There is a sign that indicates Cave Landing. Take the narrow and winding road up the mountain until you reach the mountain top where you can park your car. You can then walk close to the edge of the cliff and just take in the amazing views of San Luis Obispo Bay.

Avila Beach, California - Amazing view of the San Luis Obisbo Bay from Cave Landing near Avila Beach.
Amazing view of the San Luis Obisbo Bay from Cave Landing near Avila Beach.
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How to get to Avila Beach, California

Avila Beach is one of those places that if you don’t know about it you will pass right by it. It is a stunningly beautiful place but it’s well hidden from the freeway that passes just ten minutes east of it. The easiest way to get to Avila Beach is on the 101 Freeway. As you pass Pismo Beach, look for the exit indicating Avila Beach Drive. Then follow the road all the way as it winds its way down through the mountains to the ocean. This is one very scenic drive and you should drive slowly in order to enjoy it. If you are in the Pismo Beach area already, just follow the road through Shell Beach leading to Avila Beach Drive. This road is just beautiful, with lots of spots on the edge of the ocean where you can enjoy amazing views of the ocean and marine life.

Map of Avila Beach, California and surrounding area.

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Is it worth visiting Avila Beach?

Avila Beach is a great day trip from Pismo Beach or San Luis Obispo. The views and the small town feel really relaxes you. If you happen to be in Avila Beach on a sunny summer day (which is pretty much every day), then you’re in for a treat for all your senses. Avila Beach is also a great place for children because of the great children’s parks and the interesting Sea Center which provide enough activities for children. All in all, Avila Beach is a great tourist destination.

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