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Eat Breakfast in Style at Paris Las Vegas

The best, the biggest and the most exotic things are in Las Vegas! Without a doubt, Las Vegas has become some sort of Disneyland for the adults. Leaving aside the depraved and dirty Las Vegas night life, this place has one subtle but powerful attraction that makes every visit to Las Vegas a memorable one. What is this one Las Vegas attraction? Read on to find out.

Food in Vegas is everywhere and for every budget and for every taste. You want new things you’ve got it, you want classic cuisine you got it. Yes, Las Vegas has amazing casinos, amazingly fake but beautiful buildings, amazing shows! All of these are true, but when it comes to food, nothing anywhere in the world beats Las Vegas in terms of variety, quality and affordability. The food in Las Vegas is simply amazing! This article will explores eating at the Paris resort in Las Vegas.

Best Places to Eat at Paris Las Vegas

  • Le Village breakfast buffet is definitely my favorite place for breakfast. It’s simply amazing. You have to try to come before 9:00am if possible. Otherwise you’ll be waiting in line quite a bit and you’ll be very hungry when you actually get to eat…which is a good thing.
  • La Creperie is a great place to eat some well made crepes. There are not many places in the USA where you can get crepes, let alone good crepes. La Creperie is not cheap but they serve crepes a la carte.
  • Le Cafe Ile St. Louis is also a great place to eat. In case the buffet at Le Village is too busy, this is a great alternative. It’s not crowded and the menu selection is also amazing.

Paris Las Vegas Breakfast is Gorgeous

Currently, the Paris Las Vegas Breakfast is closed due to the pandemic.  A reopening date has not been announced yet.

The buffet place in Paris Las Vegas is called Le Village and it is located on the left side after you pass through the Casino floor (if you come through the Eiffel Tower entrance off of the strip). After passing the casino, you walk for about five minutes and you will notice the line for Le Village buffet place. During holidays when the place is packed, they have a Fast Lane where you don’t wait at all but it will cost you an extra $10 above the regular price. It’s up to you if it’s worth it or not. Just beware that the Fast Lane comes first (of course) and you have to keep walking to get to the regular line.

Eat Breakfast in Style at Paris Las Vegas 1
Authentic country omelet on display at Le Village breakfast buffet at the Paris resort.
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Paris Las Vegas Breakfast Hours of Operations

  • Breakfast: 7AM – 11AM; Mon – Sun
  • Lunch: 11:00AM – 3:30PM; Mon – Fri
  • Champagne Brunch: 11:00AM – 3:30PM; Sat-Sun
  • Dinner: 3:30PM – 10PM; Mon – Sun

My recommendation is to arrive a bit earlier. If you get there before 9 am, then you will not have to wait long in line. If you come around 9:30am like we did, you’ll have to wait in line about 30 minutes or so. We came on two different occasions to Las Vegas and the same thing happened to us…we should have learned but morning sleep was sooo sweet!

Paris Las Vegas Breakfast Prices

  • Breakfast – $15.99
  • Lunch – $17.99
  • Dinner – $24.99
  • Brunch – $24.99

Important Note: If you go during a holiday weekend, you they add an extra $5 to the price…this is just because it’s very busy and they have lots of customers. You’ve got to know how to make money!

Is Paris Las Vegas food worth the price?

Oh my…yes it’s worth every penny! What an experience for my taste buds! The Breakfast Buffet at Paris, Las Vegas has everything for everyone. From a variety of imported cheeses, to every omelets combination possible, Paris Las Vegas breakfast buffet has it all. When it comes to dessert, make sure you leave plenty of room for it…otherwise you will be very disappointed.

Eat Breakfast in Style at Paris Las Vegas 3
Pastries on display at Le Village breakfast buffet at the Paris resort.
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Plan Your Visit to Paris Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip is a strip of Las Vegas Boulevard which starts at Tropicana Avenue. To find the actual strip, it’s also easy…it’s right off the 15 freeway…just exit Tropicana Ave turn right and go about one block. Then turn left on Las Vegas Blvd and you’re there!

Find a budget hotel in Las Vegas. With over 800 properties, you will be able to find a place with great location and price.  When visiting Vegas, we like to stay at the Polo Towers which is right on the strip tucked away between Plane Hollywood and MGM Grand.

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Download the Paris Las Vegas resort map.

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