Lake Tahoe, California – exploring the hidden beach at Sand Harbor

Updated: September 11, 2017

Sand Harbor on a sunny day - thumbnail.After relaxing on the beach and having lunch at Kings Beach, we drove back down through Nevada on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. Sand Harbor looked like a really nice place to spend the afternoon. So we did stop and we continued our relaxation into the afternoon and evening. According to the Nevada park service, Sand Harbor is the most popular, with sandy beaches, a boat launch, picnicking and group use facilities. Yep, the sandy beaches is definitely true…and much more.

Lake Tahoe Sand Harbor main tourist attractions

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  • Relax on the sandy beaches of Sand Harbor. Find one of the few shady spots and just take a nap…I did. It didn’t last long but it was awesome!
  • Take the paved (wooden) walking trail that winds its way along the shore of Lake Tahoe. You’ll get to see some beautiful views. It’s just so quiet during the week, a delightful walk and pretty interesting trail for children. The walkway loops all the way back to the parking lot. So if it looks like you’ve been walking for a long time, keep walking because you’ll end up back at the parking lot.

Sand Harbor is about beautiful sandy beaches.

No wonder they call it Sand Harbor. The sand at Sand Harbor is very fine and very clean. It’s great to walk barefoot.

Man scanning for metals on the sandy beach of Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe.
Man scanning for metals on the sandy beach of Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe.
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You can enjoy amazing views of Lake Tahoe by taking a stroll on the Sand Harbor walkway

If you can imagine a romantic setting for an intimate walk in two, the Sand Harbor walkway is pretty close to it. This wooden walkway winds its way slowly through shrubs and desert bushes and along the beautiful Lake Tahoe shore. Take your time and enjoy the views and read the panels with lots of information about the plants in the area.

The sun shining in the clear water of Lake Tahoe close to sunset. This is the view you can enjoy from the Sand Harbor walkway.
The sun shining in the clear water of Lake Tahoe close to sunset.  This is the view you can enjoy from the Sand Harbor walkway.
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If you have little ones to interrupt your romantic walk, well they’ll enjoy this walk as well because there are many rocks and large boulders that are easily available from the walkway. Your kids will enjoy climbing the rocks and boulders and exploring the terrain close to the water line.

My daughter certainly enjoyed the walk even though after a while she wanted me to pick her up and put her on my shoulders. I think she likes that regardless where we are…its’ cute.

How to get to Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor is about half way on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe in Nevada. So either way you’re going on the eastern shore you’ll reach Sand Harbor in about the same time.

We paid $8 for parking for the whole day…a bit too much for spending only two or three hours, but it was worth it. The quiet sandy beaches and the beautiful walking trails along Lake Tahoe shore were just beautiful.

Map of Lake Tahoe Sand Harbor and surrounding areas.

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A tourist’s conclusion about Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Just a very relaxing beach and walkway. Nothing too fancy if you take Lake Tahoe out of the equation. But guess what, that’s exactly what you can’t take out of the equation. Lake Tahoe makes everything around it just spectacular. Sand Harbor is one of those spectacular places.

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