Hiking Yosemite’s Mirror Lake

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Yosemite Valley is the place where you can get some great views of the sourrounding mountain peaks you can also experience some great hiking in Yosemite. Most of the hiking trails in Yosemite lead you far from the Yosemite Valley floor, but there are some easier hikes that can be easily accessed from the Valley. The easiest and most popular hike is the Mirror Lake loop trail. This is by far the easiest trail in Yosemite. Mirror Lake changes dramatically with the changes of seasons at Yosemite. The views you get to see at Mirror Lake all depend on when you hike this trail.

Hike the Mirror Lake trail in the spring and beginning of summer

Spring and the beginning of summer is the best time to see Mirror Lake. Otherwise, you might be wondering why they call it Mirror Lake, and why is this trail so popular.

In the spring and summer, Mirror Lake is exactly what its name suggests: a mirror. A perfect mirror I might add. If there is enough water in the lake, you can clearly see the surrounding mountain peaks reflected in the water.

Yosemite mountain peaks are seen reflected in the still waters of Mirror Lake.
Yosemite mountain peaks are seen reflected in the still waters of Mirror Lake.
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Mirror Lake becomes just a little stream in the fall and winter

I have visited Yosemite in mid November and I was surprised to find only a little stream instead of the beautiful Mirror Lake. What happened? Well, it’s simple ! Not enough water. However, come spring and with all the snow melting and feeding the Yosemite falls, Mirror Lake will become again the perfect and beautiful mirror.

In mid November, Mirror Lake becomes just a little stream.
Yosemite National Park – Deer crossing the little stream that becomes Mirror Lake in early spring.
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How easy is the Mirror Lake trail in Yosemite?

It’s probably the easiest trail from Yosemite. If all you want to do is to stop at Mirror Lake then this is probably comparable with the easiest hikes you have ever done. This trail is paved and wide and you will find lots of people on it. This is a great trail for small children as well because it’s short and it has lots of things to draw their attention. I love this trail in the spring !

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