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Church in Sighisoara, Romania - thumbnailWe came to Sighisoara from Brasov on a sunny day in September. We got off the train in a small train station that was just too quiet. We thought that Sighisoara was a very popular tourist attraction in Romania and we assumed that it would be pretty busy at this time of year, but we were wrong and we didn’t mind it. It was actually very pleasant to walk around a small old city and not be surrounded by lots of people.

How to get to Sighisoara, Romania

There are plenty of train connections to Sighisoara in Romania. We came from Brasov and we found quite a few trains to Sighisoara. You can also come from Sibiu, but you would have to change trains in Medias. There are also buses from Brasov and Sibiu.

Accommodations are plenty in Sighisoara. You can find small hotels and private homes converted to hotels; they are everywhere. Since we had some luggage with us and it was somewhat late in the evening we settled for a villa next to the train station. The room was very clean and had everything running and in great condition. We were impressed indeed considering we were in Romania where things don’t always function well. We paid about $30 per night for a room.

Sighisoara is a fun city to walk through.

The following day we started walking toward the fortress on the hill, which is the main attraction in Sighisoara. Even the city itself, at the bottom of the hill was very pleasant, and we liked the fact that Communism didn’t get a chance to destroy all the old houses. I think it was because Sighisoara is a small city and the communists were not that interested in building huge factories here. This was great for Sighisoara. So we kept walking, crossing the river and making our way towards the forteress.

Sighisoarea is a fortress on a hill. You have to climb lots of stairs to get into the city.
Climbing stairs to get to the fortress in Sighisoara, Romania.
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Sighisoara’s main tourist attraction is the fortress on the hill

Once we entered the fortress on the hill top we realized pretty quickly why Sighisoara is so famous in Romania and Europe as well. It is indeed an unique place. It is the only inhabited walled fortress in Europe. All the other fortresses throughout Europe are just tourist attractions with shops, restaurants and museums. Sighisoara is different…very different.

You will find all those tourist things, but you will also find people living there in their houses within the walls. Even cars are allowed on certain parts of the fortress and you will also get to admire Sighisoara City Hall. In addition, if you keep climbing through the wooden stair passage, you will find a large high school and a very interesting cemetery. This is what makes Sighisoara unique, real people with real daily lives live here, it’s not only for tourists.

Real people live in the fortress on the hill in Sighisoara, Romania.
Real people live in the fortress on the hill in Sighisoara, Romania.
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Yes, there is plenty of old stuff to admire

We love old churches and old buildings and there are plenty of them in Sighisoara’s fortress. We loved the clock tower which is in the middle of the village, as well as the many small streets and defense towers that have been very well preserved. There are also three old churches that can be visited as well as many shops and local artits that sell souvenirs…very cheap souvenirs.

Real people live in the fortress on the hill in Sighisoara, Romania.
One of the many well preserved defense towers in Sighisoara, Romania.
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