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UCLA We have visited UCLA in the winter on a sunny December day. Even though the day was short, we had a great time. I always like visiting the UCLA campus, regardless if it’s summer or winter, school day or weekend…I just love it. Maybe it’s because I graduated from UCLA myself…yeah it’s because of that. However, I believe anyone can enjoy visiting the campus for a day, including your children.

I went to school at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles), and every time I get a chance I take my family for a visit. Come along with me as we take self guided tour of the beautiful UCLA university campus.

My favorite things to see at UCLA

  • Walk up Janss Steps all the way to Dickson Terrace.
  • Take pictures with the orginal UCLA building (Royce Hall, Powell Library, Haines Hall and the Humanities Building).
  • Visit Powell Library. This is a public university and you have access to see the interior.
  • Take a stroll through the Murphy sculpture garden on the North end of the campus.
  • The Inverted Fountain is an interesting concept but not very exciting.
  • Go down (or up) on Bruin Walk on a regular school day. You’ll quickly get a sense of how busy UCLA campus is.
  • Visit the Ackerman Student Union store. Besides lots of UCLA gear you can buy, the bookstore is well stocked with hard to find technical books.
  • Attend one of the UCLA classes…really, they’re great and you can do it! Just talk to the professor before the class and usually it’s not a problem.

1. Bruin Walk

Bruin Walk is my favorite way to start a walking tour of UCLA. This is the very short potion of Bruin Walk up the hills from Ackerman Union to  Powell Library. I love this shaded stretch of stairs especially in the spring when all the trees are in full bloom.

This is the heart of UCLA during a normal school day, with all the clubs and organizations active on campus.

2. Powell Library

Let’s start our UCLA self guided tour at my favorite place: Powell Library. Powell library is one of the four original UCLA buildings. The Powell Library building has been renovated recently and it boasts great Romanesque Revival architecture on the outside as well as on the inside.

The Powell Library building is one of the hallmark buildings on the UCLA campus.
UCLA Powell Library at night - Los Angeles, California.
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Powell Library is the main undergraduate library on the UCLA campus. Even though it provides lots of study space, it is often overcrowded because it’s the favorite study area for most UCLA students. The “old feeling” of the interior architecture is very relaxing and provides a unique athmosphere for students. During my UCLA days I loved studying in Powell as well and it was my favorite place to study as well.

The Powell Library interior shows arches and other Romanesque architecture features.
Arches inside the UCLA Powell Library - Los Angeles, California.
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3. Dickson Terrace

Continuing our walking tour of UCLA, we walk from Powell Library to Dickson Terrace which is located right outside Powell Library. This is a great place for taking pictures with the oldest original four buildings of the UCLA campus.
At the edge you have a great view of Janss Steps and Shapiro Fountain as well as the four original UCLA buildings. This is a great place for taking pictures.

4. Royce Hall

You have to take a picture with Royce Hall since this is the building that appears on all UCLA postcards. This will definitely prove you have visited UCLA.

Royce Hall is one of the four original buildings on the UCLA campus.
Royce Hall is one of the four original buildings on the UCLA campus. - Los Angeles, California
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5. Sculpture Garden

On the Northern side of the campus, near the Theater building you can stroll trough a small open air sculpture garden.

6. Inverted Fountain

Countinuing our walking tour on the east side of the UCLA campus we come to the Inverted Fountain. A popular meeting and hang out place, the Inverted Fountain is what the name implies: a water fountain flowing down instead of  being pushed upward.

7. Botanical Garden

We continue our UCLA walking tour by moving towards the Math Bulding and then turning south right in between the Math Building and Franz Hall. Taking a leasurely stroll and maybe picking up a cup of coffee, we arrive at the small but tranquil Botanical Garden.

How to get to UCLA

Well, UCLA is well known in Southern California and any of the online maps would be able to give you accurate driving directions. Personally, I like to exit the 405 freeway at Sunset Boulevard and go over the 405 freeway.

The UCLA campus is right next to the 405 freeway. Parking is always a problem at UCLA, but for visitors, especiall on a weekend day you can look for parking in Lot 8. You can purchase parking permits from the information booths.

My Best Resources for planning your visit to UCLA

For more details checkout the UCLA Campus Map.

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