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Hoover Dam, Nevada - Thumbnail.When we visited Las Vegas, we decided to drive all the way to the Grand Canyon. On the way to the Grand Canyon we have stopped at Hoover Dam…of course we did! It’s was right on our way from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. This was a good opportunity to stretch our legs a little and see some breathtaking views of the Colorado River and of the Hoover Dam.

When you first see Hoover Dam you will say wow! The famous dam that bridges the US states of Nevada and Arizona is truly impressive. Both its size and its dramatic location make Hoover Dam a worthy tourist destination. Because of its historical and natural appeal, Hoover Dam is definitely a great day trip from Las Vegas. Come along with me as we plan your Hoover Dam visit.

My favorite things to see at Hoover Dam

Situated only 45 minutes drive from the busy Las Vegas, Hoover Dam is easy to visit. There is lots of parking on the Nevada side of the dam and there are clear signs indicating how to turn off from the freeway crossing above the gorge. Once you park, you can easily walk on Hoover Dam and take a look on both sides. On the north you have the Colorado River as it comes from the Grand Canyon and forms the large Lake Mead which supplies Las Vegas with water.

The tourist attractions during your Hoover Dam visit are simple. Everything is concentrated in one small place.
Walk on Hoover Dam itself crossing from Nevada into Arizona and back.

Visit the powerhouse low inside the dam itself. It will take a good two hours to go through the museum, but it’s a great experience.

Walk the Hoover Dam

This is my favorite way of visiting Hoover Dam. I like crossing on the Lake Mead side going towards the Arizona side and then return to the Nevada side on the other side of the street facing the drop and canyon below the dam.

The Arizona side of the Hoover Dam.
The Arizona side of the Hoover Dam.
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On the southern side of Hoover Dam you see the sheer drop that makes Hoover Dam produce all this electricity. The canyon that forms all the way down is equally impressive and awe inspiring.

Visit the power plant museum

On the top of the dam itself, you will see the Power Plan museum entrance where you can purchase a ticket. You will take the fast elevators down below where you can see how electricity is being produced and learn about the dramatic history of Hoover Dam.

Panorama of the Hoover Dam from the Nevada side.
Panorama of the Hoover Dam from the Nevada side with the shiny Power plant visitor center.
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Is is worth visiting Hoover Dam?

If you have an extra day while in Vegas, or you are driving to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, Hoover Dam is a great day trip or stop. You can spend about an hour walking on the dam itself. In addition you can purchase a ticket and visit the museum way lower into the dam itself, which is a great experience.

My best resources for planning your Hoover Dam visit

Official Hoover Dam website has all the information you need for planning your visit. You can’t buy any tickets online to visit the powerhouse portion low inside the Dam. You have to buy them there on site and it gets busy.

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