7 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

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Las Vegas, Nevada - The strip thumbnail. Have you ever wondered if someone can visit Las Vegas and have fun without gambling or taking part in the wild Las Vegas night life? Las Vegas has changed a lot over the years. As a whole, the Las Vegas strip resorts are trying to cater more to families with children. Can your family have fun in Las Vegas without the “dirty” Las Vegas things? Can Las Vegas be called a family destination? Read about my Las Vegas for kids list.

Las Vegas has plenty to see and do for the whole family. Yes, the parents have to be extra careful in Las Vegas, but if you choose wisely, then your children can have a good time as well. Come along with me as we explore my Vegas for kids list of attractions. Here are my best things to do in Las Vegas with kids:

1. The Bellagio

Bellagio comes first on my Vegas for kids list for two cool attractions: the fountains and the gardens. If you are in Vegas, you have to see the fountains at night. Then walk inside and take a look at the interior gardens. If you have time, you can stroll through the hallways and visit the Bellagio Patisserie to the left of the gardens. It boasts the largest melting chocolate fountain in the world.

The fountains at the Bellagio are one of the most popular tourist attraction in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The fountains at the Bellagio are the most popular tourist attraction in Las Vegas. In addition, the fountains are a great family attraction as well.
See my photos from the Bellagio

The gardens at the Bellagio are simply beautiful. They also change a few times a year and they are very intricate and complex.

The gardens at the Bellagio are great for kids
The gardens at the Bellagio in Las Vegas
See my photos from the Bellagio

In addition to these two family attractions the Bellagio is also known for its amazing buffet.

2. The Mirage

Mirage brings two family attractions to my Vegas for kids list. The dolphin habitat and the Secret Garden zoo called the Secret Garden are simply amazing. If you have kids and you’re in Las Vegas, you must take them there!

The Mirage, Las Vegas - Beautiful tiger at the Secret Garden zoo.
The Mirage, Las Vegas – Beautiful tiger at the Secret Garden zoo.
See my photos from The Mirage

3. Mandalay Bay

The beautiful Shark Reef aquarium brings Mirage on the third place on my Vegas for kids list. Shark Reef has an enormous thank filled with sharks and other sea creatures. Again, kids will love this stuff!

The glass tunnel at Shark Reef Aquarium
The glass tunnel at Shark Reef Aquarium
Photo credit: Bogdan Migulski on Foter.com / CC BY

In addition to the aquarium, the pool at Mirage is also great for kids because of the very fun man-made wave that gets created every few minutes.

4. Treasure Island

Treasure Island resort adds two more family attractions to my Vegas for kids list. First is Mystere, which is my favorite Cirque du Soleil family show in Las Vegas.

Mystere by Cirque du Soleil is a great family attraction
Poster for the Mystere show at Treasure Island resort

Mystere is the best Cirque du Soleil show for families

In addition to the Mystere, Treasure Island has a free pirate show outside the resort building, right on the Las Vegas Strip. The show is performed twice a day in the evenings, and for the most part, it’s great for kids.

5. MGM Grand

MGM Grand contributes only one family attraction to my Vegas for kids list. Just walk on the casino floor and look for the Ka Theater which is home to the popular Cirque du Soleil show called “Ka”. This is a high energy show filled with moving stages and amazing acrobatics.

7 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids 1
Poster for the Ka show at MGM Grand

6. Circus Circus

Even though an old resort, Circus Circus makes my Vegas for kids list for two reasons: Adventure Dome and the circus acts.

Adventure Dome is a large indoor theme park with great roller coasters and lots of arcade games. Adventure Dome offers unlimited ride passes and is normally open until midnight.

7 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids 3
Chaos ride at Adventure Dome at Circus Circus resort

In addition to the theme parks, Circus Circus has well…free circus acts. These are not Cirque du Soleil shows by no means, but they are short and entertaining…did I mention free?

7 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids 5
Circus act at Circus Circus resort in Las Vegas

7. Linq

Linq appears on my Vegas for kids list because it features the delightfully entertaining Mat Franco magic show. This is a great family show that surprises kids all the time. It is true that for kids four and younger might be overwhelmed by the magical ticks, older kids will love it.

The Mat Franco show at Linq is a great family attraction in Vegas
The stage before the Mat Franco show at the Linq

Las Vegas got rid of the “literature” distributors

Literature distributors seemed harmless, but they did distribute pornographic material…and they used to be everywhere on the sidewalk.

Thankfully, this is all gone now. It was replaced however, with provocative billboards mounted on trucks which drive up and down the strip day and night.

The best thing to do is talk to your children…maybe you can have some good conversation with them about the really bad stuff that’s going on in Las Vegas.

So, is Las Vegas really kid friendly?

Well, to some extent it is! But…hmmm…it’s pretty bad at the same time. If you have very small children (under four) you can relax a little…but just a little. In order to get to a particular show, I recommend driving on Koval Ln which runs parallel with the strip and avoids it all. In addition, Koval Ln provides the quickest access to parking lots for all the resorts.

Have you visited Las Vegas with your family? What do you think?

Plan Your Family Trip to Las Vegas

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