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Corbii din Piatra, Romania is an old and deeply mysterious place

Mysterious RomaniaWhat comes to your mind when you hear about Romania? Most probably: Dracula and vampires and…mystery. While Dracula is associated with the region called Transilvania, there are other areas of Romania that are quite mysterious. One of these mysterious places is called Corbii din Piatra, or Stone Ravens in English. What is so mysterious about it?

What is Corbii din Piatra?

Corbii din Piatra is a small village in the Arges county in Romania. It is hidden among many and beautiful hills and it is very quiet…far from civilization, but close enough to visit. Not many people in Romania know about it so you would have to ask quite a few people in order to find directions. Most likely you will continue asking for directions along the way since you won’t find signs that would point to the tourist attractions in this area. There are two attractions in this little village.

The Stone Monastery

Corbii din Piatra, Romania - Stone Monastery
Corbii din Piatra, Romania is the site of a mysterious monastery built inside the mountain
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This is a unique monastery build in the rock…literally in the cleft of a huge mountain. It’s hard to visit inside since it’s not a functioning monastery. There is another large Greek-Orthodox church in the center of the village, but this one is just for tourists. You will find the cell phone number of the priest posted on the monastery door. The gate to the monastery grounds is open and you can come in and take a peek and then climb up around the monastery on the top of the mountain where you will be rewarded with great views of the surrounding hills.

The Rock Giant

Corbii din Piatra, Romania - Rock Giant
Corbii din Piatra, Romania is home of a strange giant sculpture of a…giant’s leg
See my photos from Corbii din Piatra.

This is simply bizarre. Coming down the mountain on the other side of the monastery you will run into a small old house painted blue. If you happen to see the old lady that lives there (very, very hospitable) she will let you go in her garden and see the “giant”. I can only describe it in the following picture…don’t really know how to comment. The house is 120 years old…but nobody knows how old the sculpture is…just strange!

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