Walking Tour of Old Town Geneva, Switzerland (with map)

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Geneva, Switzerland - City PanoramaI visited Geneva on four different occasions and on almost every visit it happened that I was coming to Geneva from France. What an interesting feeling that was every time I arrived in Geneva. It definitely felt like I was in a completely different country, even though everyone was speaking French in Geneva, Switzerland never felt like France. From the way people wait at the street lights to cross the street to the way people are driving, Geneva feels completely different that any city I visited in France. Traffic, even though very heavy in Geneva, is a lot more ordered, streets are cleaner and even cars are spotless in Geneva.

Walking in Geneva is one of my favorite things to do in this beautiful city. In particular, I love strolling through the medieval old town Geneva area, look at the small restaurants and walk its cobblestone streets. Come along with me on a relaxing walking tour of Geneva, Switzerland.

My favorite things to see in old town Geneva

Old Town Geneva walking tour map
Walking tour map of Old Town Geneva
Green: walk, Red: see

Where is Geneva’s old town?

For me, walking in Geneva starts where old town Geneva starts, which is at Pont du Mont Blanc and goes up the hill to Saint Peter’s Cathedral and down on the other side of the hill at Bastions Park. I know there are many other things to see, but these are my favorite things to see when I visit Geneva. So let’s start walking through old town Geneva, Switzerland.

1. Pont du Mont Blanc

The old-town can be easily visited by foot starting anywhere around the boat dock on Lake Geneva close to the Mont Blanc bridge.

City panorama from Mont Blanc Bridge.
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2. English Garden and Flower Clock

Crossing the bridge (Pont du Mont Blanc) you’ll get to the English Garden with the famous flower clock and a sculpted bronze water fountain.

Geneva, Switzerland - English Garden
Water fountain in the English Garden in Geneva, Switzerland
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3. Saint Peter’s Cathedral

Our walking tour of Geneva continues by crossing the street (Quai de General Guisan) and going up the hill (on Place du Port and Rue de la Fontaine). Then we continue up the old stairs passage and end up behind Saint Peter’s cathedral.

The old covered passageway to Saint Peter Cathedral
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The passageway will bring you behind the imposing cathedral which is the symbol of the Christian Reformation. It is worth taking your time to visit the inside and even climb in the church tower.

Geneva, Switzerland - Saint Peter Cathedral is the church where John Calvin preached most of his life
Saint Peter Cathedral is the church where John Calvin preached most of his life
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A short walk from Saint Peter’s courtyard it’s Geneva City Hall which is interesting to visit. From City Hall you can easily walk down to the Bastions Park where the Reformation Wall is located.

Saint Peter Cathedral tower provides beautiful panoramic views of Geneva
Saint Peter Cathedral tower provides beautiful panoramic views of Geneva
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4. Bastions Park

The Bastions Park is just a relaxing park in the middle of Geneva. We love this park especially in the fall when leaves start falling, it’s very romantic and relaxing at the same time. I think Bastions Park is romantic because it’s very relaxing and beautiful.

Geneva, Switzerland - Bastions Park
Bastions Park in the fall is beautiful in Geneva, Switzerland
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5. The Old Island Tower

Walking out of Bastions Park, through Place de Neuve and back towards the river you will end up on the Tower Island or Tour d’Ille.

Street musician playing an instrument in front of the old Tour de L’Ile
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Plan Your Trip to Geneva

Over the years I have gathered a list of my best resources for planning my next visit to Geneva, Switzerland. I have included external links to the local boat and train companies as well as great offers from my partners. Everything listed below is top quality and I recommend every link.

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