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Day Trip from Geneva to Yvoire France

Yvoire, France - Old CastleWe loved our day trip from Geneva to Yvoire. We would’ve liked to take the boat from Geneva but we didn’t have enough time. The boat ride takes about two hours because it has to stop in a few other places before reaching Yvoire. The boat ride looks very appealing especially on a clear day and I am sure that the views from the boat are just amazing. However, because we didn’t have enough time, we decided to drive instead and it took us about 30 minutes from Geneva. Join me as we take a day trip from Geneva to Yvoire.

What to Expect when Coming from Geneva to Yvoire

Beautiful stone archway marks one of the entrances to the old village
Beautiful stone archway marks one of the entrances to the old village
See my photos from Yvoire

Yvoire comes fourth on my list of favorite day trips from Geneva. This 700 years old  medieval village is very touristy indeed but if you’re coming during the week it will not be crowded at all.

Yvoire is very small and as such, it is very easy to walk through. When coming from a large city like Geneva to Yvoire, which is a very small village I had a sense of calmness and peace.

I believe that there are no more than eight or nine streets that essentially cross each other. You can easily zig-zag through the whole village in a couple of hours taking your time to look at the old stone houses and inviting restaurants.

You’ll find everything for tourists: souvenirs, antique shops and restaurants. We had some delicious crepes that turned out a lot larger than what we expected. Usually, in Europe the food portions are about half (ok, maybe 3/4) of the portions in the US.

However, we were surprised by a little local restaurant when they served us some large and delicious crepes. And yes, it was still expensive, but at least we got enough to eat.

My Favorite Things to Do in Yvoire France

Yvoire, France - Old House on the shores of Lake Geneva
A colorful old house on the shores of Lake Geneva in Yvoire, France
See my photos from Yvoire

1. Yvoire Harbor and Lake Geneva

Yvoire, France - Beautiful marina on the shore of Lake Geneva.
Beautiful marina on the shore of Lake Geneva at Yvoire, France
See my photos from Yvoire

When we arrived from Geneva to Yvoire, we especially liked walking down to the small harbor and marina and admiring Lake Geneva on a clear and sunny day. We could see Geneva and Lausanne across the lake and the few small boats anchored there made for a very pretty picture.

2. Yvoire Castle

Yvoire Castle seen from the back of the Garden of five senses
Yvoire Castle seen from the back of the Garden of five senses
See my photos from Yvoire

A medieval small castle, Chateau d’Yvoire stands on the shores of Lake Geneva on the edge of the village itself. Yvoire Castle is the main sight that makes Yvoire visible from the large lake as you come from Geneva to Yvoire.

Yvoire Castle however, is a private residence and cannot be visited. You can take beautiful photos of Chateau d’Yvoire, especially from the harbor.

3. Walk the Old Stone Streets

Old stone house on an old street in Yvoire
Old stone house on an old street in Yvoire
See my photos from Yvoire

I love medieval villages because they take you back in time. Villages like Yvoire represent small snapshots in time. Taking time to walk the old streets and try to imagine old daily life is one of my favorite exercises I do when I travel.
The narrow cobbled streets of Yvoire are very beautiful and the old stone buildings are simply gorgeous to look at. Coming from the bustling Geneva to Yvoire slows you down and helps you enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Plan Your Trip From Geneva to Yvoire France

Stay in Geneva. For planning your next trip to Yvoire find budget hotels in and around Geneva Switzerland

Take a local tour. The easiest way to get from Geneva to Yvoire is to book a local tour. Book a beautiful day tour including lake cruise from Geneva to Yvoire.

How to Get from Geneva to Yvoire

Even though Yvoire is a “touristy” village,  unless you come prepared to visit ask you won’t find out easily about it. Yvoire is a great day trip from Geneva Switzerland or from Chamonix France.

Take the public boat. If you are looking for the public boat service schedule for trips from Geneva, Montreaux or Lausanne to Yvoire, here is the website with the boat schedule for Lake Geneva.  In order to get to Yvoire, you have to be able to get to Nyon.

Rent a car. Yvoire can be reached by boat across the Lac Leman from Geneva in about one and a half hours. However, the easiest way to reach Yvoire is by car. Yvoire is about 40 minutes driving from Geneva on a very scenic route on the edge of Lac Leman. Look for Route du Thonon as you drive into France from Geneva. This road will keep you close to the beautiful lake. Get the best rental car deals in Switzerland when you compare major and minor rental car companies.

Map of Yvoire, France and surrounding areas.

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Is Yvoire Worth Visiting?

I believe visiting Yvoire makes a delightful day trip from Geneva. The relaxing atmosphere of this little village can be a great change from Geneva’s busy streets. A stroll through the narrow streets and the views of Lake Geneva make Yvoire a must see destination for the traveler visiting the area. If you have visited this little village and have an experience or an advice to share, please feel free to add a comment to this article.

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