Brasov, Romania – A beautiful European old town

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Brasov, RomaniaBrasov is one of the largest cities in Romania and a great commerce and tourist hub for the country. We have visited Brasov a few times and we keep noticing how clean the Main Square is. The city does a great job keeping the touristy areas clean. We love to walk the streets leading to the Main Square and once we’re there we enjoy very much just sitting on a bench and looking at children playing with the pigeons. On a sad note, the Black Church was again closed for visiting…this was the third time in a row when we couldn’t visit this must see tourist attraction in Brasov…maybe next time.

My favorite tourist attractions in Brasov, Romania

In Europe in general, and in Romania as well, there are lots of people on the streets at any hour of the day pretty much. This is especially true in the parks and main square of a city, young and old just like to go out and walk the streets rather than sitting in their houses and watch TV. Brasov is no different, especially when you take into account the many tourists visit the city and its Main Square.

Brasov’s Main Square is full of pigeons
Brasov main square
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On a sunny weekend, Brasov’s Main Square is the place to be. Lots of people, children, pigeons and lots of shopping… if you can afford it. If you don’t dare enter the shops, then you can do plenty of window shopping…and if you really want to buy some souvenirs, you can find plenty of them in stores across the city at more than half price discounts than in the Main Square stores.

Brasov Main Square
Brasov Main Square
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Have you visited Brasov?

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