2 Must See Places in Big Sur

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Big Sur, California - Point Sur Lighthouse thumbnailBig Sur is an area on the coast of California, roughly in between San Simeon to the south and the little town of Big Sur to the north. It is not clearly defined and many people refer to different places when talking about Big Sur. Some talk about the Point Sur light house while some talk about the Julia Pfeiffer Burns park. Regardless of the proper definition of Big Sur, this area of the California Coast boasts some breathtaking views of the Pacific coast.

My Favorite Tourist Attractions in Big Sur, California

  • Visit Heart Castle in San Simeon.
  • Visit Point Sur Lighthouse
  • Just stop along the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoy the scenery. And take lots of pictures.
  • Stop by the Piedras Blancas beach. Stop there anytime and you can see at least 100 elephant seals lying on the beach and making loud noises. If you go in December or January you will see even more seals as that is their mating period.

1. Explore Hearst Castle & San Simeon

Rocky coastline in Big Sur, California.
Big Sur, California – Rugged and rocky California coastline.
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We started our Big Sur exploration at San Simeon where the famous Hearst Castle is. Yes, we did visit the castle the day before and that particular day of December we just wanted to take a drive up the coast (on Pacific Coast Highway) and see what we can see in one day and return to our motel in Cambria. We read about Big Sur but we weren’t sure what to expect. Little did we know that we will end up stopping every few miles or so, sometimes after each turn. My wife and I kept saying: “Wow, look at this…we have to pull over !”.

2. Walk to McCoy Falls

Beach waterfall in Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park in Big Sur, California.
Big Sur, California – McCoy Falls is a small secluded beach with a waterfall in Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park. It is arguably the most photographed spot in Big Sur, California
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We made a short stop at Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park to see probably the most photographed piece of California coast. The park is right by Highway 1 and you can get to see this beautiful view of McCoy Falls after a short hike from the parking lot. It’s well worth your time.

Plan Your Trip to Big Sur

Is Big Sur Worth Visiting?

We just loved Big Sur and the San Simeon areas. If you like nature and are not looking for exciting night life, this area will be a great destination for you. I don’t think you would find many other spots on earth where just driving around is so much fun!

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