Summer impressions and photos from Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, NetherlandsAmsterdam in the summer is just beautiful and quiet. Flowers everywhere and bicycles…the only noisy people in town are … the tourists. This city has amazed me every time I have visited it…nobody is honking, nobody is yelling…just make sure you don’t get run over by a bicycle! The summer is the greatest time to visit Amsterdam, because during the winter Amsterdam is very cold. I think Amsterdam is the easiest city to visit while waiting on a connecting flight. If you have at least two hours in between your flights in Amsterdam, just take the train and go visit the city.

How to get to downtown Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport

In my traveling experience Amsterdam is the easiest city to get to from the airport. The airport (Schiphol Airport) is connected to the city center by trains that run every 15 minutes or so throughout the day. So, no matter when you plane arrives, you can hop on the next train and in 15 minutes you will find yourself in Amsterdam’s main train station which is located right in the old downtown. It is just great to go visit the city in between plane flights. If you have more than 3 hours in between your flights you can easily get to visit the city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – In the middle of the summer flowers are everywhere.
Amsterdam, Netherlands - Flowers in the summer.
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I have also visited Amsterdam in the fall as well, and the contrast is very clear. While summer in this beautiful city is characterized by flowers, the fall has very few flowers which fits the mostly grey weather.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – In Mid-September no more flowers, but a sunny day makes the city very enjoyable to visit
Amsterdam, Netherlands - Flowers on the streets.
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