Gruyeres, Switzerland is pretty as a postcard

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Gruyeres, SwitzerlandGruyeres is a small mountain village in the Gruyere region of Switzerland. It is famous for cheese and the Gruyeres sour cream. The cheese is great indeed! However, we were not very impressed by the sour cream…it was way too thick and fatty. Most of all we were not impressed with the prices…but we got used to it in Switzerland…it’s just an expensive country.

My favorite tourist attractions in Gruyeres, Switzerland.

Gruyeres comes fifth on my list of day trips from Geneva. Touristy for good reason, Gruyeres has it all: history, food and a beautiful location.

Walking tour map of Gruyere, Switzerland
Legend: Yellow – start, Red – see, Green – walk, Blue – drive

Everything is ready for your visit in Gruyeres, Switzerland.

Gruyeres is great for tourists…the Swiss are ready for you! You’ve got a castle, restaurants, a chocolate factory, a cheese factory and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful scenery. It’s obvious that this would be a great tourist attraction. So, the Swiss, as usual have taken full advantage of this region and developed it especially for you the tourist.

Postcard perfect mountain landscape in Gruyeres, Switzerland.
Postcard perfect mountain landscape in Gruyeres, Switzerland.
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Be prepared to pay a lot of money for a lunch at any local restaurants. You’ve got to try some of the local specialties. There is a lot of milk and cheese in every local dish. We loved the fresh cheese fondue and fresh fruit with some very thick but fresh cream. Our bill definitely put a damper on our enjoyment of the meal, but oh well…we were in Switzerland and we were somewhat prepared.

Raspberries and very rich creme served at a local restaurant in Gruyeres, Switzerland.
Fresh raspberries and very rich creme served at a local restaurant in Gruyeres, Switzerland.
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My best resources for planning a trip to Gruyeres, Switzerland

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Driving directions to Gruyeres. Gruyeres is about one hour north of Geneva, Switzerland by car. There are trains that you can take as well, but using a car is the easiest way to get there. Also, by car you can drive through the mountain passes and get back to Geneva the “back” way. You will love the landscape.

Local map of Gruyeres, Switzerland and surrounding area.

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Is it worth visiting Gruyeres, Switzerland

We loved visiting Gruyeres ! The only negative point would be the food prices in the area…but oh well, you’re in Switzerland. Anywhere you’re going it will be expensive, so this is definitely a great day trip from Geneva and well worth your time.

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