Big Bear Lake, California – a very dry season

Updated: September 15, 2017 | Contains affiliate links

Big Bear Lake, CaliforniaA dry season in California creates new beaches on Big Bear Lake. This picture from September 2004 shows lots of white sand on the shores of this beautiful lake. You can also notice the dry vegetation. If you know Big Bear, you will notice that this green is very dry compared with the normal bright green that you normally see in Big Bear throughout the year.

Being in Southern California, Big Bear is dry. The winter months can get quite a bit of rain and snow, but in the spring and summer, it is hot and dry. This wide variation of rain and dry season make Big Bear Lake change dramatically even during the course of just one year as the water level rises in the winter and decreases during the summer. In the summer especially you get to see many small but beautiful beaches appear as the water level recedes.

A dry season in California creates new beaches on Big Bear Lake
Big Bear, California - Big Bear Lake
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