Is the Eiffel Tower overrated ?

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Eiffel Tower, Paris, FranceParis was my first destination when I first had the opportunity to travel to Europe! This is my favorite city…I just love Paris! Ok, ok…enough said about Paris…but how about the Eiffel Tower? Some people may suggest that it’s not worth visiting, but I disagree completely. I believe the Eiffel Tower is worth all the effort and cash required for climbing all the way to the top. So is the Eiffel Tower overrated ?

My favorite things to see at the Eiffel Tower

  • See my pictures from the Eiffel Tower.
  • Climb the stairs to the first level and then to the second if you still can. It will give you a great workout but you get to see the tower’s structure real close.
  • Take the elevator to the last level. Make sure you buy tickets before you sit in line for the elevator because it’s NOT free even though there are no signs. However, it’s really worth the price to climb all the way to the top level.

What to expect climbing in the Eiffel Tower?

I have climbed in the tower twice and I loved it every time. The first time, because I’m cheap when it comes to travel, I didn’t buy an elevator ticket to the top floor and I climbed the stairs to the first floor. I would’ve climbed stairs all the way to the top if there would be any stairs…but there aren’t. I had to take the elevator. However, I didn’t see any sign that said anything about any ticket. So, I stayed in line until I got to the elevator and they asked for my ticket. I felt really stupid…I guess I should have asked the people sitting in line. The second time I was sure to buy my ticket before sitting in line…of course I did.

Paris, France - The Eiffel Tower at night seen from the Arch of Triumph in Paris, France.
The Eiffel Tower at night seen from the Arch of Triumph
See my photos from the Eiffel Tower

Is it worth climbing in the Eiffel Tower?

It is really worth it to go to the top of the tower and just look at the view all the way around. If it’s very windy you might actually feel the tower bending with the wind which is a very unpleasant feeling. However, to see Paris from that high altitude is just breathtaking and it beats any feelings of fear you might have going up.

Paris, France - Eiffel Tower seen from Trocadero.
Seen from Trocadero, The Eiffel Tower is the most famous tourist attractions in Paris
See my photos from the Eiffel Tower

Have you visited the Eiffel Tower?

I believe that when it comes to very famous tourist attractions, people have very different reactions. Therefore, I am very interested to read about your own experience visiting the Eiffel Tower. So add a comment if you want and share your own feelings about this famous place.

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